Arkansas AIMS Services

1. Master Content Consulting and Teacher Assistance 

Arkansas AIMS offers AP and PreAP Math, Science, or English consulting services with supporting AR AIMS materials, WiKi site access, and NMSI resources.  Districts may purchase services in 1, 2, or all 3 content areas at the cost of $2200 per content area, per year.

This service includes specific on-site consultations by the Content Directors 4 days per year

as needed communication via phone, text, email

as needed on-site visits by consultants

webinars, AAIMS resources, online exam preparation, and professional development (for additional charge)

Additional days of specific PD may be purchased at the rate of $550.00 per day.


        A) New Teacher/Refresher AAIMS Orientation   August 5, 2015  This work is for all new Cohort Schools and for any schools who have new teachers who need to know the philosophy, the expectations, and the responsibilities for AAIMS. This may be attended by any AAIMS teachers. Cost for this workshop is $100 for a Team of 3 teachers or $50.00 per teacher.  

B)  2-Day AP SUBJECT WORKSHOP in English, math, and science $350 per AAIMS teacher; $450 for non-AAIMS teachers

AP SCIENCE            SEPTEMBER 28-29, 2015

AP MATH                 OCTOBER 1-2, 2015

       AP ENGLISH           NOVEMBER 5-6, 2015

     C) 2-Day PRE-AP WORKSHOPS are $300 per AAIMS teacher; $400 for non-AAIMS teachers

        PreAP English               July 21-22, 2015

        PreAP Science               October 26-27, 2015

        PreAP Math                    October 9-10, 2015





     D) LAYING THE FOUNDATION WORKSHOPS  are held in the summer,traditionally in an north, the mid-section, and the southern area.  These dates and sites will be announced in December. For additional informtion, contact Lynn Harrison-Bullard


     A) ONLINE AP PREP SESSIONS  are offered throughout the year. Dates, subject matter, and times will be posted on the website.  For additional informtion contact Lynn Harrison-Bullard

B) ASSISTANCE WITH AFTER SCHOOL HOURS AP PREP SESSIONS   is offered to AAIMS schools. Please discuss this with your subject area Content Director or contact Lynn Harrison-Bullard



Dates for the events and registration forms will be posted on this website under Training Information.                                                  Look to the top right and click on “Register”.

CONTACTS:     For further information contact the AR AIMS office at 501-683-7684

Ginger Abernathy, Administrative Assistant
S. Lynn Harrison-Bullard, Program Manager
 Dr. Ken James, President