Boards and Planning Committees

University of Arkansas Board of Trustees

Stanley E. Reed (Chair)
Mike Akin
John E. Anthony
Craig Campbell
Tim E. Hunt, DDS
Carl L. Johnson, MD
James E. “Jim” Lindsey
Jane Rogers
Charles E. Scharlau, III
Jim von Gremp

President of the University of Arkansas System

B. Alan Sugg, PhD

UALR Board of Visitors

Dean Kumpuris, MD (Chair)
Jerry Adams
Greg Brown
Betta Carney
Larry Choate
Jane Dickey
Haskell Dickinson
Mark Doramus
Barnett Grace
Janet Jones
Michael Joshua
Bob Russell
Larry Wilson

Planning Committees

The UALR campus strategic plan report represents a collaborative effort of many, over a period of almost two years. The University would like to acknowledge and to thank the following individuals who have contributed countless hours of collective wisdom to the development of this document. As with any project of this magnitude, there may be individuals whose names were overlooked. We apologize for any oversights. There were dozens more who attend hearings or participated in ad hoc sessions whose names were not recorded and do not appear here.

Strategic Planning Committee

David Belcher, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Chair of Strategic Planning)
Amy Barnes, Director, Office of Communications
Charles Bolton, Professor, Department of History
Sarah Breshears, Senior Research Specialist, Census State Data Center
Bob Denman, Director, Development
Charles Donaldson, Vice Chancellor for Educational and Student Services
The Honorable Lanny Fite, Saline County Judge
Lynn Foster, Professor, William H. Bowen School of Law
Delores Hardin, President, Staff Senate
Jay Hartman, Manager of Operations, Entergy
Linda Hemminger, Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education
James Hendren, Executive in Residence, IT Minor Program
Marla Johnson-Norris, CEO, Aristotle
Meagan Jordan, Associate Professor, Institute of Government
James Karrh, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing and Advertising
Dan Kemp, President, Delta Trust Investments, Inc.
Shane Khoury, President, UALR Law Student Bar Association
Joni Lee, Associate Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Cindy Milazzo, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities and Services
Sandra Robertson, Chief of Staff and Director of Budget
Paula Rogers, UALR Children International
Ann Schlumberger, Chair, Department of Nursing
Angela Sewall, Dean, College of Education
Gary Thompson, Professor, Department of Applied Sciences
Bill Traylor, Interim Director, Ottenheimer Library
Robert Trevino, Commissioner, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services
Rett Tucker, Managing Partner, Moses and Tucker Real Estate, Inc.
The Honorable Buddy Villines, Pulaski County Judge
Jeannie Winston, Chief Information Officer
Marian Lacey, Retired, Little Rock School District

Strategic Planning Initiative Sub-Committees

Recruit, develop, and retain high-quality faculty and staff

Charles Donaldson, Chair
Chuck Goldner
Delores Hardin
James Hendren
Angela Sewall
Jeanette Watkins
JoAnne Matson

Enhance UALR Image

James Karrh, Chair
Amy Barnes
Dan Kemp
Jamie Byrne
Shane Khoury

User-friendly, accessible campus (customer-friendly; consistent
and clear policies and procedures)

Amy Barnes, Chair
Tyfnae Curenton
Robert Trevino
Daryl Rice
Maureen James-Barnes
Ruth Craw
John Noah

Increase student quality: recruit, develop, retain, graduate, placement; life-long learning; housing

Joni Lee, Chair
Linda Hemminger
Henri Smothers
Russell Bruhn
Angi Brenton
Thea Hoeft
Jay Hartman

Provide quality, innovative, and relevant curriculum and teaching in flexible formats focused on student learning

Ann Schlumberger, Chair
Sandra Robertson
Buddy Villines
Marian Lacey
Warren Stone
Jan Thomas
Jerry Stevenson
Larry Dickerson
Mable Donaldson
Diane Gilleland

IT infrastructure, instructional technology

Charles Bolton, Chair
Marla Norris-Johnson
Aimee Dixon
Marian Crawford
Julio Fuentes

External Community Engagement

Jeannie Winston, Chair
Sarah Breshears
Lanny Fite
Paula Rogers
Roby Robertson
Keith Christy

Promote and Support Research (Library/ORSP)

Gary Thompson, Chair
Bill Traylor
Meagan Jordan
Robert Sikes
Lynn Foster
Dan Holland
Mike McCallister

Physical Facilities and Grounds

Bob Denman, Chair
Cindy Milazzo
Rett Tucker
Deborah Baldwin
David Millay
Marian Douglas

Funding Strategies

David Belcher, Chair
Jamie Byrne
Bob Denman
John DiPippa
Joni Lee
Anna Makagonova
Mike McCallister
Sandra Robertson
Lucian Shockey
Ashvin Vibhakar
Bill Walker