Epilogue: Two Challenges

Two challenges are perhaps obvious after reading the foregoing report.

The first is an internal challenge—to the administration, faculty, and staff of UALR:

  • The strategic planning exercise is done for now. Your challenge is to make the strategic plan a reality. It does not matter how compelling the vision or how well based the goals, objectives, and strategies or how sincere the pledges. What matters now is what the people on campus do. That is what will be remembered. Action is what will make a difference.

The second is an external challenge—to the external stakeholders, particularly to civic and business leaders:

  • There is no doubt that a fully developed, powerhouse university in the center of the state is a critical state and regional asset needed immediately— indeed, was needed several decades ago. Your challenge is to recognize a personal interest, a vital interest, in fast-forwarding the development of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock—not for the University’s sake but for yours.