Goal Four

UALR will demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equality, and global understanding.

Objective 1: UALR will enhance diversity among faculty, staff, and administration using appropriate data to establish and meet benchmarks for hiring from underrepresented groups.

    Strategy 1: Design and implement recruitment processes to attract a diverse pool of candidates for faculty, staff, and administrative positions

    Strategy 2: Improve retention of faculty, staff, and administrators from underrepresented groups through targeted mentoring programs.

Objective 2: UALR will enhance the diversity of the student body.

    Strategy 1: Assess diversity in comparison to the greater community and set measurable targets for recruitment.

    Strategy 2: Set ambitious recruitment goals for international students and implement aggressive initiatives to achieve them.

Objective 3: UALR will establish university-wide leadership to champion diversity.

    Strategy 1: Establish a campus-wide council on diversity, equality, and global understanding to lead the campus in planning related to diversity and in launching strategic diversity initiatives.

Objective 4: UALR will nurture curricular and co-curricular learning environments that promote diversity and global understanding.

    Strategy 1: Infuse content about diversity and cultural competence in ways appropriate to the respective disciplines throughout the curriculum.

    Strategy 2: Enhance co-curricular programming targeted toward emerging student populations and develop and maintain co-curricular training that promotes diversity and global understanding.

    Strategy 3: Increase student participation in international educational experiences.