Goal One

Student success will be UALR’s top priority.

Objective 1: UALR will increase student retention, graduation rates, and graduation numbers by offering excellent academic programs, enhancing student success support structures, and continuing to raise admission standards as appropriate.

    Strategy 1: Institutionalize a system for identifying, analyzing, and removing barriers to success using a standing retention and graduation committee of the University Assembly which will be responsible for presenting recommendations to appropriate faculty and administrative groups.

    Strategy 2: Strengthen and adopt more proactive advising and mentoring (both academic and developmental) of undergraduate and graduate students.

    Strategy 3: Increase targeted recruitment of academically well-prepared undergraduate and graduate students at the university, college, and departmental levels.

    Strategy 4: Require an early declaration of an undergraduate major.

    Strategy 5: Expand and strengthen UALR programs for undergraduate students with exceptional ability including expanding Honors programs and developing individualized opportunities for students with specific career or graduate school objectives.

Objective 2: UALR will enhance student learning through the integration of student research, internships, externships, service learning opportunities, and other educational experiences into the curriculum.

    Strategy 1: Enhance and expand research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

    Strategy 2: Enhance the number of strategically chosen, collaborative relationships between UALR and external organizations to create unique learning opportunities for UALR students. (i .e., other institutions of higher education, non-profit and cultural organizations, related business, industry, state and municipal agencies, etc.).

    Strategy 3: Increase the number of undergraduate programs that include service learning.

    Strategy 4: Incorporate a service component into all academic programs in which it is appropriate.

Objective 3: UALR will strengthen the sense of community in the student body.

    Strategy 1: Create additional student-centered events and gathering spaces, which become part of campus tradition.

    Strategy 2: Enhance the intercollegiate athletics program and expand the intramural athletics program.

    Strategy 3: Develop virtual campus communities for students through use of social media and virtual administrative and academic support services.

    Strategy 4: Require first-time, entering full-time freshmen, including those who transfer AP and concurrent credit to UALR, to live on campus, and require students living on campus to purchase a meal plan, with exceptions for extenuating circumstances.

    Strategy 5: Maintain a safe campus environment.

    Strategy 6: Continue to develop on-campus housing options to meet need and demand.

    Strategy 7: Work with University District partners to develop amenities (shopping, entertainment, etc.) which will appeal to the student body.