Pledges to External Stakeholders

Pledge One

UALR pledges to provide programs of study that will educate students to live, work, and lead in the complex, technological, and diverse world of the 21st Century.

This pledge reflects the core mission of the university. It requires excellent faculty who design and offer outstanding and up-to-date academic programs. A university that fulfills this pledge will not only serve its students well but will also have in place a substantial foundation for accomplishing its other purposes.

Pledge Two

UALR pledges to shape its programs and align its resources to address state-identified priorities.

This pledge reflects the responsibilities of a public, state-supported university. This pledge means that UALR will address state-identified priorities for more baccalaureate degree graduates in general, and for more graduates specifically in high-tech and scientific disciplines, in nursing, in teaching fields with critical shortages of teachers, and in other crucial professions in which emerging workforce shortages threaten the health of our state.

Pledge Three

UALR pledges active support of regional and state strategies to speed economic development.

This pledge reflects an understanding that universities have become critical economic assets­ indeed, economic engines- in a high-tech, knowledge-based economy. UALR will be a ready partner and a strong contributor to innovative entrepreneurship, research, and development activities in the region and in the state.

Pledge Four

UALR pledges to work in partnership with governmental entities and state and community organizations and groups to solve state and local problems and advance Arkansas in other ways.

This pledge reflects UALR’s externally focused mission. This pledge means that UALR will share and leverage its resources through partnerships in active efforts to solve problems and otherwise advance our state.

Pledge Five

UALR pledges to be a keeper of the flame on the subject of race.

This pledge reflects recognition that race remains a foremost barrier to social and economic progress. Since it is an issue that communities large and small find difficult to confront and therefore often ignore, the university will provide leadership by focusing attention on the issue through the Institute on Race and Ethnicity, its annual survey of racial attitudes, and through other related activities.

Pledge Six

UALR pledges to be a keeper of the flame on the need for regional cooperation in central Arkansas.

This pledge reflects a recognition of new realities. In today’s highly competitive global economy, regional cooperation in economic development is a prerequisite of achieving a higher standard of living across the central Arkansas region. But more than economic development is at stake. In a state with limited resources, communities- whether large or small- that are able to work together can save money and at the same time improve services and amenities for their citizens.

Pledge Seven

UALR pledges to work as an active partner in revitalizing the University District, the area of the city immediately around the university.

This pledge embodies UALR’s desire to be a pat1of, not apart from, the city. The university accepts responsibility to join with city government, area businesses, churches, neighborhood organizations, and others to strengthen an area in the urban community that has been in slow decline.