May 2010

Please see my remarks to the Faculty Senate on Friday, May 7, 2010.

Faculty Roles and Rewards II

I voice my support for the Faculty Roles and Rewards II document (FRRII). Full-time, non-tenure track employees serve important functions at our university, and I think it important to acknowledge them formally and tangibly when appropriate.

It is also important to note that the FRRII document underscores that departments retain authority in decision-making related to the issues spelled out in the document.

Strategic Plan Revision Process

I have recently sent faculty two requests for input in the strategic plan revision process, and I reiterate here those requests.

  1. I seek your assistance in identifying goals, objectives, strategies, and pledges from the current, long-range plan, UALR: Fast Forward, which you believe should be retained in the updated draft to be developed over the next 6 months. The link below will take you to a website listing all goals, objectives, strategies, and pledges. Please send your thoughts on which of the goals, objectives, strategies, and pledges should be retained via email to Kathy Oliverio: Please be sure to identify the goal, objective, strategy, or pledge clearly (for example: Goal 2, Objective 3, Strategy 4 or Pledge 6). We would appreciate any rationale for your choices that you wish to share. Website:
  2. I seek your thoughts on UALR’s development over the next few years. Specifically, what should UALR be in 5-7 years and what specific steps (goals, objectives, strategies) will get us there? Please submit any thoughts you wish to share to Kathy Oliverio at, and include in the email subject line the words UALR Strategic Plan/Vision to help us in cataloguing the responses.

I recognize that this is a very busy time of the academic year. There is no deadline for submission of ideas, and thus I hope you will feel free to turn to these requests after finals and commencement are completed. I will also reiterate this request for input several times during the summer. I hope to have early thoughts and feedback compiled for reactions by the time school begins.

End of the Year

For reasons we have discussed in detail before, this has been a challenging year. But it has also been a good year filled with many accomplishments, and I thank the faculty for their efforts in making it so.

I am also grateful to Richard Ford who has served as President of the Faculty Senate for the last four years. He has been a great partner and colleague and a worthy advocate for the faculty. It has been my pleasure to work with him.

Have a great summer!

Sincerely yours,
David O. Belcher
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

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