April 2011

Please find below information items from the Provost’s Report at the Faculty Senate meeting on Friday, April 15, 2011.

Update on Central Little Rock Promise Neighborhood (Susan Hoffpauir reporting)

A coalition of partners that includes UALR, the City of Little Rock, LRSD, New Futures, the Central Arkansas Library System and Arkansas Children’s Hospital received one of only 21 Promise Neighborhood planning grants from the US Department of Education last fall for the Central Little Rock Promise Neighborhood (CLRPN). The grant gives Little Rock the opportunity to create a plan to replicate the Harlem Children’s Zone in a designated area of the city that includes the section of central Little Rock south of I-630 between Martin Luther King Drive and Boyle Park and the five traditional public schools that serve the majority of children and youth in this area: Bale, Franklin, Stephens, Forest Heights, and Hall. The goal is to work with children, families, schools, community organizations and partners to create a coordinated pipeline of programs and services that will provide the support children need to successfully get from cradle to career. The CLRPN’s grant award for this one-year planning process totaled $430,098. This award is being matched locally in cash and in-kind pledges of $219,349. More information about the CLRPN is available at www.littlerockpromise.org.

Strategic Planning Update

During the last couple of months, the subcommittees of the strategic planning steering committee have been reviewing the input gathered from the campus community and through two winter meetings of community leaders and revising the strategic plan’s goals, objectives, and strategies with that input in mind. The subcommittee chairs then formed a team to streamline the document to eliminate duplication, target the strategic, ensure its comprehensive nature, and revise to achieve a single voice. The resulting document is four pages long and is designed to identify the overarching priorities which will be addressed individually by champions (individuals, groups like the Faculty Senate, etc.) in the implementation phase.

In the coming weeks, we will host open hearings for faculty, staff, and students and for external stakeholders to glean reactions and perspectives before writing the anticipated final draft. Please plan to participate in those open hearings if at all possible.

Disability Statement for Syllabi

We made a conscious decision in the fall to await the report of the consultant from Ohio State who came to campus to provide an objective assessment of UALR and its work in the area of disability resources before revisiting the disability statement which faculty include in their syllabi. Due to a challenging personal situation, our consultant has, with apologies, been unable to complete his report.

Faculty Senate President Eshleman and I visited with Chancellor Anderson about the situation, and we determined that President Eshleman and I would draft a disability statement for review by two committees – one comprised of faculty and one comprised of colleagues from the Division of Educational and Student Services – hoping to generate good input which will provide the basis for an appropriate statement for UALR faculty syllabi. Our hope is to have that statement ready for consideration by the Faculty Senate at that body’s May meeting.

Sincerely yours,
David Belcher
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

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