Curriculum Process

Curriculum Change Forms

The following are forms that were developed in a collaborative effort by both the Undergraduate Council and Graduate Councils. The desire is to create a user-friendly form, so please email any suggestions for improvement to Donna Shelton.

  • Curriculum Change Form
    This is a multi-use form for adding new courses, changing existing courses, or deleting existing courses. Instructions are included on pages 3 – 5.
  • Advance Notice Form
    This form is used for preliminary reactions and evaluations of proposed new programs.
  • Program Change Form
    This is a multi-use form for adding a new program, changing existing programs, or deleting existing programs.Note: Departments proposing program actions that require UA Board of Trustees and Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board approval MUST submit a Program Change Form and the appropriate Letter of Notification or Letter of Intent to the Council.


Step 1: Originating person:

    1. Did you consult with your college’s representative to the Undergraduate Council for input?This person will be the most knowledgeable on what the Council looks for in reviewing requests.
    2. Have you used the latest version of the CCF form as it appears on this web page?
    3. Do you need to include a syllabus? (CCFs for new Undergraduate Courses, Dual-listed Courses, and Graduate Courses should be accompanied by a course syllabus.)

The following curriculum changes need a sample syllabus attached to the CCF:

  • new course,
  • cross-listing or dual-listing a course,
  • a change in the level or the number of credit hours,
  • in some cases, a copy of the old syllabus and also the new syllabus must be attached.

These syllabus items will receive particular attention:

  • Is the course description concise and accurate?
  • Is there an accurate grading scale?
  • For dual-listing UG/Grad course, you need a clear statement of the difference in requirements between undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Is the current disability statement included?

Step 2: Department chair:

  1. Has the correct curriculum change form been prepared? (Y/N)
  2. Have the prerequisites been thoroughly explained? (Y/N)
  3. Course numbers cannot be reused. Is this a new number? (Y/N)
  4. Is a similar course being offered through another department or college? (Y/N)
  5. Are (permanent) department resources for offering this course in place? (Y/N)

Step 3: College curriculum committee discussion and approval:

If your college has a separate UG/Grad curriculum committee, has the issue been discussed in both committees? (Y/N).

Step 4: College assessment committee action (when appropriate):

Step 5: College dean’s signature: (for the college)