The following is the estimated timeline for actions related to the dean search:

Date Action
1/28 Committee meets to hear the Provost’s charge, discuss the process.
2/17 Committee meets to discuss time line and approve the job description
2/20 Search is launched
4/8 Committee Meeting to Review Applicants (Initial)
4/9 – 4/18 Schedule and Conduct Telephone Interviews
4/18 Position closes
4/22 Committee Meeting to Review Additional Applicants (Second and Final)
4/23 – 4/28 Schedule and Conduct Remaining Telephone Interviews
4/29 Committee Meeting to Select Candidates for On-Campus Interviews
5/5 – 5/14 On-Campus Interviews
5/15 Committee Meeting to Develop Recommendations to Provost
5/19 Committee recommendations forwarded to Provost