12 Strategies to Achieve The Vision

The Vision

lrUALR: One of the Top Metropolitan, Community Engaged, Research Universities among the 16-Member States of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB).


  1. Alignment of Academic Programs with City and Region
  2. Alignment of Research Programs with City and Region
  3. Implement a Set of High Impact Programs Taking Advantage of Our Location
  4. Establish a Community Connection Center
  5. Develop and Implement a Communication Strategy
  6. Student Success: K-Beyond 16 Endeavor
  7. Retention and Recruitment Goals (High Impact Programs)
  8. Save our Students->Student Support Center->Hotline
  9. Strategically Target Underrepresented Student Populations
  10. Reengineer all UALR Processes Effecting Our Students
  11. Align Faculty Annual Evaluations and Promotion/Tenure Guidelines with the Achievement of Our Vision
  12. Establish a Predictive Modeling Approach for Allocation of Resources