CALS Staff Job Descriptions

Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist

Job Description:
  • Answer telephone, take messages, route and screen calls;
  • Greet visitors and monitor the access of visitors to other offices;
  • Inform CALS staff of visitors;
  • Regularly update CALS phone directory;
  • Manage the scheduling of the conference room area;
  • Review and direct incoming mail;
  • Prepare parking hangtags for guests and maintain a daily log of parking hangtags for guests;
  • Maintain daily worksheets for key cards that need signature from the dean’s office;
  • Point of contact for opening of Lot 8 gate;
  • Assist with awards functions and ceremonies;
  • Process orders for equipment and supplies;
  • Maintain office equipment;
  • Other Duties as assigned.

Advisor Online Programs

Job Description:
  • Advise online Interdisciplinary Studies students;
  • Maintain Excel spreadsheet and advising documentation in ImageNow;
  • Work with Communications to update BAIS website including recruitment materials;
  • Maintain listserv for majors;
  • Process all Individual Degree Adjustments within 24 hours of meeting with students;
  • Assist in recruiting;
  • Document all advising materials;
  • Create degree plans for students;
  • Collaborate with on campus BAIS advisor on new ways to increase efficiency of BAIS and CALS;
  • Graduation checkout for BAIS;
  • Work with Office of Extended Programs to ensure that reserved seating is working effectively;
  • Train faculty for advising;
  • Maintain Graduation Incentive Scholarship spreadsheet;
  • Liaison with Records and Registration;
  • Other Duties as assigned.

Assistant to the Dean

Job Description:
  • Manage calendar of meetings, events and other activities for the Dean and Associate Deans;
  • Coordinate CALS calendar, OCDA, promotion and tenure, faculty excellence awards, faculty evaluations, chair evaluations, dossier reviews, summer research fellowships, and new faculty documents with the faculty and administration;
  • Receive and route incoming correspondence for Dean and Associate Deans;
  • Coordinate maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting for office technologies;
  • Support Dean’s activities in committees, meetings of institution administration, events for constituency groups, etc.;
  • Assist in coordinating special projects for the college such as assessment, technology workshops, and personnel searches;
  • Coordinate college events such as graduation receptions, award ceremonies, science fair, AP Math & Science, etc.
  • Coordinate travel for the Dean, Associate Deans, office personnel, and guests of states;
  • Hire, train, and supervise student workers;
  • Maintain Access database to manage membership in college constituency groups;
  • Query and analyze data for office staff;
  • Serve as PeopleAdmin representative for college;
  • Serve as a member of CALS special events team—facilitates visits of speakers, dignitaries, etc.;
  • Take minutes at chairs meetings;
  • Other Duties as assigned.

Communications Director

Job Description:
  • Develop annual communications plan for the college and set timeline for execution of the plan;
  • Design and facilitate the production of print materials, content strategy, writing, signage, and promotional materials;
  • Organize photo and videography sessions and supervise the graphic design work of outside contractors;
  • Collaborate with College and University staff and faculty to keep website content current and in line with best practices for web communications;
  • Lead social media communications for the college;
  • Oversee communications budget in coordination with the budget director and prepare regular reports;
  • Collaborate with University Communications advertising manager on advertising messaging and placement for the College;
  • Supervise communications graduate students for the College;
  • Direct communications plans for the College events and write news releases for web and news media;
  • Other Duties as assigned.

Education Counselor—Interdisciplinary Studies

Job Description:
  • Advise on campus Interdisciplinary Studies students and prospective students;
  • Meet with BAIS students to answer questions or issues;
  • Maintain files on current Interdisciplinary Studies students;
  • Recruitment;
  • Enhance student information by establishing Facebook and Twitter accounts and regularly posting announcements, upcoming events, and important dates;
  • Maintain website;
  • Assess student satisfaction within Interdisciplinary Studies and college;
  • Prepare and send Individual Degree Adjustments;
  • Create and maintain degree plans;
  • Declare majors for Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • Process graduation checkout;
  • Maintain relations with alumni of Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • Develop recruitment plans;
  • Assist in college recruiting;
  • Process student complaints;
  • Collaborate with Pulaski Tech to advise transfer students;
  • Coordinate Graduation Incentive Scholarship process for college;
  • Contact all transfer students sent from the Office of Recruitment;
  • Other Duties as assigned.

Education Counselor—Science Pre-Admits

Job Description:
  • Deliver individual, group and e-mail academic advising to science Pre-Admitted students;
  • Interpret policies, procedures, rules, and regulations governed by state, federal and the university to students, faculty and others;
  • Document and maintain the undergraduate student advisement record form;
  • Develop and conduct group/individual workshops/training modules related to functional areas of responsibility;
  • Participate in orientation sessions of new students;
  • Compile information for various statistical assessments and status reports;
  • Gather information on available campus and community service resources along with data on student and faculty needs;
  • Participate in campus and off-campus functions that support the university, division and departmental mission;
  • Participate in the development of plans and execution of recommended goals aligned with strategic plans;
  • Assist in recruitment;
  • Coordinate Graduation Incentive Scholarship process;
  • Serve on college and university committees related to student services;
  • Coordinate faculty feedback survey;
  • Other Duties as assigned.

Director of Finance

Job Description:
  • Maintain/manage college expenditure budget;
  • Maintain/manage other college accounts (plant account(s), program support and research accounts, UA Foundation accounts);
  • Act as liaison between the College and UALR Financial Services offices;
  • Work with the Office of the Provost to budget positions, etc.;
  • Distribute and update budgets for annual budget buildup process;
  • Act as approver for all college FFTA (UA Foundation) requests;
  • Provide direct support to college chairs and administrators in person and over the phone;
  • Act as approver for all ePAFs, purchase orders and FFTA requests;
  • Provide budget/track enrollment for all college part-time lecturers and summer salary reserves;
  • Prepare invoice to Office of Extended Programs for part-time lecturers every semester;
  • Distribute funds to departments (i.e., lab operating/technology/travel/SSCH/grants/etc.);
  • Calculate and distribute College Performance Fee funding;
  • Provide quarterly budget reporting for volunteer group (Friends of the Arts);
  • Act as treasurer for volunteer group (Friends of the Arts and Central Arkansas Regional Science and Engineering Fair) events (attend events, assist in creating procedures/forms, coordinate volunteers, etc.);
  • Monitor college leave reporting and enter any work study/hourly time;
  • Serve on Finale steering committee as treasurer;
  • Prepare reports through ARGOS, Banner, and other databases for annual budget hearings;
  • Review grant proposal budget narratives, budget justification, budget forms, and salaries for accuracy, completeness, and conformance with college and university policies and practices;
  • Provide oversight of awarded grants;
  • Keep grant database and paper file updated and verified via Banner and ORSP;
  • Calculate and distribute indirect cost recovery amounts for departments;
  • Provide training (group sessions and individuals) to chairs and departmental administrators;
  • Act as departmental originator for ePAFs (approx.. 300 semester part-time lecturers plus other hourly work study, etc. ePAFs);
  • Other Duties as assigned.

Information Technology Director

Job Description:
  • Manage the overall operations of the Learning Technology center, including personnel, policies, services and strategy;
  • Prepare and manage the department’s budget;
  • Serve as leader in identifying and promoting opportunities for faculty and program development in areas related to learning technologies;
  • Monitor the development in technology-facilitated teaching and learning; assess the adequacy of college’s instructional technology resources; and make decisions about programs for enhancement;
  • Coordinate and drive strategic planning for learning technology within the college;
  • Utilize data to analyze and identify opportunities for new technology-enhanced spaces, departmental programs, and funding opportunities;
  • Oversee the college’s tech fee budget;
  • Guide and support departments within the college in developing plans to acquire, deploy, and replace technology;
  • Educate users about adherence to university technology policies where possible;
  • Maintain and implement a replacement plan for college-managed technology and equipment and supervise the acquisition of new and replacement technology;
  • Serve as advisor to the dean on matters related to technology, including strategic technology planning;
  • Serve as key liaison and voice for the college’s technology, including strategic technology planning;
  • Other Duties as assigned.

Learning Technology Services Coordinator

Job Description:
  • Provide direct support to users in person and over the phone;
  • Prioritize the support requests, questions, and work assignments of Learning Technology Services Specialists under supervision;
  • Support and advise faculty on the use of technology in the classroom;
  • Mentor, guide, and train learning technology services staff;
  • Maintain and monitor the center’s help desk management system;
  • Consult with users on a variety of technology issues, including new equipment purchases, software options, and other solutions;
  • Maintain departmental servers and related systems;
  • Direct computer setups, configurations, and deployments;
  • Oversee software updates, patch management, and parts inventories;
  • Make recommendations to the director for departmental standards, policies, and procedures;
  • Assist with developing and conducting faculty development programs;
  • Other Duties as assigned.

Learning Technology Services Specialist

Job Description:
  • Provide direct support to users in person and over the phone;
  • Diagnose and fix problems with audio/video technology, as well as computers and peripherals;
  • Research and evaluate new technologies and writes reports and proposals related to the research;
  • Replace and fix parts in audio/video systems, as well as computers and peripherals and other technology;
  • Perform regular security and maintenance checks on equipment and classrooms and maintains logs related to those checks;
  • Develop and update documentation;
  • Maintain classroom schedules, inventories, and access security;
  • Work with vendors to troubleshoot or replace faulty equipment;
  • Clean, maintain, move, and install audio/video equipment and other technology;
  • Provide support for a wide variety of enterprise systems and emerging technologies;
  • Other Duties as assigned.

Student Services Director

Job Description:
  • Administer and assist with advising within the college;
  • Coordinate the efforts of student support staff;
  • Facilitate college recruitment and retention efforts;
  • Review and assess CALS advising procedures;
  • Meet with prospective CALS students;
  • Communicate with faculty and staff concerning student services issues;
  • Develop and implement training materials for students and faculty advisers;
  • Contact prospective students and current at-risk students;
  • Attend recruiting events including both CALS events and the UALR Recruitment Task force events on- and off-campus;
  • Review GAP report weekly and send out letters/emails to students;
  • Supervise Student Support staff when appropriate;
  • Assist new and continuing students with any questions or concerns;
  • Serve as a resource for faculty and staff in CALS departments;
  • Answer inquiries from web, email, telephone, Facebook, and Twitter;
  • Assist students who have academic complaints;
  • Provide accurate and timely review of CALS graduation applications;
  • Provide training for CALS ambassadors;
  • Other Duties as assigned.