Interdisciplinary Programs and Collaborations

Interdisciplinary Programs and Collaborations Task Force was created on 1/14/2014.


This task force will consider the following questions:

  • What constitutes interdisciplinary programs, teaching, and research?
  • How should current interdisciplinary programs be managed, and what structure will provide the most flexibility for new interdisciplinary initiatives to emerge?
    • Where should programs be located?
    • What budgetary needs are associated with interdisciplinary programs and where should budgets reside?
  • How can interdisciplinary be encouraged among faculty and disciplinary units
    • How will interdisciplinary teaching, research, and program building be evaluated in tenure and promotion processes?
    • How should interdisciplinary work be counted in faculty load?

Final recommendations due to the Provost by May 6, 2014.

Task Force Members

  1. Sarah Beth Estes (Sociology/Anthropology – Social Sciences and Communications) – Chair
  2. Andrew Wright (Systems Engineering – Engineering and Information Technology)
  3. Mark Funk (Department Chair of Marketing and Economic and Finance – Business)
  4. Mike Craw (Institute of Government – Social Sciences and Communication)
  5. Clea Bunch (History– Arts, Letters, and Sciences)
  6. Karina Clemmons (Teacher Education – Education and Health Professions)
  7. Michael Schwartz (Dean William H. Bowen School of Law)
  8. Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm (Political Science – Social Sciences and Communication)
  9. Steve Grace (Biology – Arts, Letters, and Sciences)
  10. Jan Thomas (Philosophy – Arts, Letters, and Science)
  11. Maureen James (Library)

Advisor: Karen Wheeler (Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs and Institutional Effectiveness)