UALR 505&slvrBecoming One of the Top Metropolitan, Community-Engaged, Research Universities among the 16 Member States of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB): University of Arkansas at Little Rock Preliminary Roadmap

Body of Report

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List of Appendices

Appendix 1. Chancellor Joel E. Anderson Memorandum on Academic Restructuring
Appendix 2. Academic Restructuring Process
Appendix 3. Academic Restructuring Steering Committee (ARSC) Task Force Final Report
Appendix 4. Graduate Council Response to Academic Restructuring Task Force’s Proposals for Restructuring of the Graduate School
Appendix 5. UALR’s Mission
Appendix 6. Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Undergraduate Programs Call for Proposals
Appendix 7. ARSC Option B
Appendix 8. Faculty Task Force (FTF) Plan 3
Appendix 9. Chairs Task Force (CTF) Option A
Appendix 10. Proposed Organizational Structure for Academic Colleges
Appendix 11. Current Organizational Structure for Academic Colleges
Appendix 12. Examples of Potential Interdisciplinary Collaborations
Appendix 13. Current Structure for Academic Affairs
Appendix 14. Proposed Comprehensive Structure for Academic Affairs
Appendix 15. Recommendations of the Faculty Task Force for the Restructuring of the Division of Academic Affairs
Appendix 16. CTF Report on Academic Restructuring
Appendix 17. UALR Benton Center Strategic Plan

List of Figures

Figure 1. P⁴I Model
Figure 2. Student Success: K-Beyond 16 Endeavor
Figure 3. Proposed Academic Philosophy

List of Tables

Table 1. SREB Metropolitan Research Universities Enrollment and Classification
Table 2. Criteria Used in the Selection of the Organizational Structure for Academic Colleges
Table 3. UALR Interdisciplinary Programs
Table 4. Implementation Plan
Table 5. Strategies to Enhance and Expand UALR Uniqueness
Table 6. Academic Affairs Strategies to Grow UALR Enrollment to 20,000 by 2020