Academic Progress Program (APP)

What is the APP?
Under UALR Faculty Senate legislation passed spring 2011, services are offered to students experiencing academic challenges. These services—also known as “APP” services—equip students with academic tools, such as proper academic behavior, study, test taking and time management skills that can raise or maintain their cumulative GPA to be in good academic standing.

Who Are APP Students?
APP students meet all of the following criteria:

  • Has a Classification of Freshmen or Sophomore
  • Has an Academic Standing of 2.25 or Below
  • Is a Degree-Seeking Student
  • Is Not a UALR Athlete
  • Is Not an International Student
  • Is Enrolled in at Least One Hour for the Current Semester

APP Services
Students meeting APP criteria will be required to complete items detailed in the APP Enrollment Agreement. This agreement describes the following services:

  • Academic Coach Meetings: Weekly meetings held for 15-20 minutes and conducted by trained Graduate Assistants. Meetings assist to set goals, to review status of goal completion, to introduce study skills, and to hone personal management skills.
  • Workshops: These 15-30 minute informational sessions provide students with academic study skills and personal management skills. See Workshops for more information.