Academic Probation

What is the CSP-AP?
Under UALR Faculty Senate legislation passed spring 2011, the Collegiate Success Program (CSP) offers services for students going onto Academic Probation. These services—also known as “CSP-AP” services—include a structured learning experience to equip students with academic tools, such as proper academic behavior and study skills, that can raise their cumulative GPA towards good academic standing.

Who Are CSP-AP Students?
CSP-AP students meet all of the following criteria:

  • Has a Classification of Freshmen or Sophomore
  • Has an Academic Standing of Academic Probation or Probation Continued
  • Is a Degree-Seeking Student
  • Is Not a UALR Athlete
  • Is Not an International Student
  • Is Enrolled in at Least One Hour for the Current Semester

CSP-AP Services
Students meeting CSP-AP criteria will be required to complete items detailed in the CSP-AP Enrollment Agreement.  This agreement describes the following services:

  • Academic Coach Meetings: Weekly meetings held for 15-20 minutes and conducted by trained Graduate Assistants.  Meetings assist to set goals, to review status of goal completion, to introduce study skills, and to hone personal management skills.
  • READ 1310 Study Skills Course: A three-hour course taught by an ASC Reading instructor that entails a deep exploration of study skills for college success. See Courses for more information.
  • Supplemental Instruction: Study sessions conducted by an accomplished UALR student who leads discussion about class material. See SI for more information.
  • Workshops: These 15-30 minute informational sessions provide students with academic study skills and personal management skills. See Workshops for more information.