Steering Committee


  • Dr. David Belcher, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


  • Dr. Joel Anderson

Faculty Athletics Representative

  • Dr. David Briscoe, Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Director of Athletics

  • Mr. Chris Peterson

Senior Woman Administrator

  • Ms. Andrea Nunez

Chairs of Subcommittees

  • Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance Subcommittee: Ms. Jeannie Winston, Chief Information Officer
  • Academic Integrity Subcommittee: Mr. Charles Goldner, Dean, William H. Bowen School of Law
  • Equity and Student-Athlete Well-Being Subcommittee: Dr. Thomas Lynch, Associate Dean, College of Science and Mathematics

Other Representatives

  • Mr. Greg Brown, Representative, UALR Board of Visitors
  • Dr. Charles Chastain, Professor, Department of Criminal Justice
  • Mr. Dennis Ferra, Representative, Trojan Foundation
  • Mr. Sam Hilburn, Representative, University of Arkansas Board of Trustees
  • Ms. Kathy Keene, Sun-Belt Conference Compliance Administrator
  • Mr. Christian O’Neal, Executive Director, Alumni Association
  • Dr. Lawrence Powell, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Finance
  • Mr. Hassan Rayaz, Vice President, Student Government Association
  • Mr. Richard Turner, Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance
  • Ms. Judy Williams, Director, Office of Communications