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North Central Association Self Study

North Central Association Reaccreditation Self-Study Report

Prepared for the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools


This self-study report is the culmination of more than ten years of organizational assessment conducted by UALR. These assessment efforts involved the active participation of UALR administrators, faculty, staff, students, and external constituencies, all dedicated to ensuring the excellence of the University. The result is a comprehensive, thoughtful evaluation of UALR at this point in time, even as it continues to grow and evolve. The self-study report presents the University’s accomplishments of the past decade, discusses ways in which the University is and is not effectively accomplishing its mission, and identifies emerging institutional goals.

There are many people who contributed to the success of the self-study process and to the writing of this report document; indeed, too many to name. However, there are several people who deserve special thanks.

First are the members of the self-study steering committee and subcommittees who dedicated their time and talents to collecting and evaluating evidence related to the Criteria for Accreditation.

  • Criteria One and Two: Susan Hoffpauir, Chair; John DiPippa; Charles Donaldson; Rosalie Cheatham; Joni Lee; Catherine Lowry; Richard Moss; Janet Roderick; Laura Smoller; Warren Stone; Robert Ulmer.
  • Criterion Three: Christina Drale, Chair; Russel Bruhn; George Jensen; Melissa Hardeman; Larry Holland; Dave McAlpine.
  • Criterion Four Subcommittee: Mark Funk, Chair; Jeff Gaffney; Yslan Hicks; David Montague; Lisa Sherwin; Jeff Walker.
  • Criterion Five Subcommittee: Mary Parker, Chair; Julianna Flinn; Janet Lanza; Kelly Olson; Roby Robertson; Ron Swager; Andy Terry.

Second are the people who spend hours gathering and supplying institutional data: Tammy Harrison; Jim Lynch; Brad Patterson; Linda Musun.

Third, a particular thank you goes to the members of the writing team, who spent their days, evenings, and weekends laboring on the report document and website. It could not have been written without their knowledge, skill, and perseverance: Susan Hoffpauir; Barbara L’Eplattenier; Aaron Baker; Kathy Oliverio; Elizabeth Hill.

Updated 9.15.2009