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North Central Association Self Study


While great care was exercised in creating the self study, some errors were found in the published document. Typographical errors will be corrected in the online version (both html and PDF), factual errors will not. Regardless of the nature of the error, all known errors will be listed on this page.

Typographical errors in the printed self study

The following errors were found in the printed document and corrected in the online version (both html and PDF):

  • On page 51, footnote #3, the correct URL for the Student Handbook is
  • On page 57, third paragraph, third sentence – changed “a” to “an.”
  • On page 57, last line – changed “Instituted” to “Institute.”
  • On page 63, last 2 words of first full paragraph – changed “studies areas” to “areas of the study.”
  • On page 67, middle of page, beginning of last paragraph pre-bullets – added an “s” on “medication.”
  • On page 70, end of second paragraph – removed the word “an.”
  • On page 82 – bottom section first line – added an “a” before “little.”
  • On page 83 – Structural Testing Lab – changed “Student for load…” to “Students are able to test beams for load conditions with several million-load repetitions and have performed many tests to failure. ”
  • On page 83, last sentence – changed “a” to “an.”
  • On page 84, Theatre and Dance Studios = second sentence – changed “theater to “theatre.”
  • On page 86 – last bullet, clarified sentence by adding “posting” after “Mandatory.”
  • On page 87, the information for the Off-Campus Nursing Practicum was incorrect.
  • On page 93 – after Ledbetter – changed “Department of Geology” to “Department of Earth Science.”
  • On page 93 – changed “Dr. John DiPippa” to “Dean John DiPippa.”
  • On page 95 – last sentence of first incomplete paragraph – changes “who” to “which.”
  • On page 96 – second line – added “s” to “reward.”
  • On page 97 – under Faculty Evaluation through Annual Review, second paragraph: changed the first “and” in the second line “of.”
  • On page 98 – first line – capitalized Faculty Senate for consistency’s sake.
  • On page 101 – last paragraph before the bullets – took the “s” off of “ranges.”
  • On page 104 – first sentence – added an “n” to “a”.
  • On page 116 – under Effective Crisis….second paragraph, second sentence – deleted “on the.”
  • On page 117 – first line – deleted the words “in the Department of Applied Science.”
  • On page 117 – second paragraph, third line – changed “charted” to “chartered.”
  • On page 117 – under Senior Justice Center: second line – deleted “to address”; third line – changed “serving” to “service”; fourth line – deleted “completing.”
  • On page 121 – second line at top of page – added the words “the Reynolds” before competition for clarity.
  • On page 123 – last words of first paragraph – removed “to further his/her research.”
  • On page 123 – under Professor Xiu Ye, last sentence – added “she” between “and” and “is a nationally recognized.”
  • On page 126 – first paragraph under Institutional Support…., last line – added the word “of” between Director and ORSP.
  • On page 130, first paragraph, last sentence – added the words “for example” after “the College of Professional Studies.”
  • On page 131 under Faculty Professional Activity: placed a period at the end of the first sentence (ending with “…national level”). Then started a new sentence with “For Example:”
  • On page 131 – sentence at bottom of the page – put a period after it and begin a new sentence “For example:”
  • On page 133 – middle of page – paragraph beings: “UALR has also hosted a number of local and national conference.” Added a sentence, “For example,”.
  • On page 134 – first bullet - changed wording: “Community members can obtain…”
  • On page 144 – changed the “Faculty Excellence Award in Service” – to “. . .in Public Service”?
  • On page 145 - In the paragraph about “Vibhakar” – changed to reflect past tense. Changed penultimate sentence to “…provide access TO resources FOR young people…”
  • On page 147 – bottom of page – changed Stephens from “an investment bank” to “an investment firm.”
  • On page 163, the URL for the Institute for Economic Advancement (, while a correct address, was incorrectly duplicated at the bottom of the page and not properly formatted as a footnote.
  • On page 164 the URL for the Center for Public Collaboration is The URL for the Arkansas Public Administration Consortium is
  • Page 226 is out of context and should be completely disregarded; the information appears correctly on page 228. Readers should skip page 226 and read from 225 to 227.
  • Updated 11.1.2009