Welcome to UALR ACM!

The Association for Computing Machinery student chapter welcomes all visitors to this webpage. We hold weekly meetings in which we discuss programming techniques, language specifics, and strategies for problem solving. Many times throughout the semester we will hold workshops and other fun events, such as movie nights. Be sure to check back frequently, as we are always updating with competition results, upcoming events, and other fun stuff!

Our weekly meetings for the Spring 2013 Semester are every Friday at 1:00pm in EIT 323

Here's some photos of our current and past members

Jeff Long, Josiah Brann, and Thoren Paulson solved 4 out 7 problems at CCSC 2013. Unfortunately, they lost their red balloon Megan Trett, Brad Jones, and Jesse Jones solved 4 out of 7 problems at CCSC 2013 UALR team - Josiah Brann, Jeff Long, and Thoren Paulson preparing to compete in CCSC 2013 UALR team - Jesse Jones, Megan Trett, and Brad Jones competing in CCSC 2013 UALR team - John Kirk and Isaac Wardlaw before CCSC 2013 UALR team - Jeff Long, Thoren Paulson, and Josiah Brann before CCSC 2013 UALR team - Mossy Forest Shrew - Harry Hull, Brad Jones, and Thomas Mears at MCPC 2012 ACM Members Keenan Gillispie and Ashley Morris receive recognition for their participation in ALAR 2012 ACM Members Patrick Kamongi, Andrew Hays, and Keenan Gillispie receive recognition for their participation in CCSC 2012 ACM Chair Ashley Morris, Faculty Advisor, Dr. Keith Bush, ACM Vice Chair Keenan Gillispie, and ACM Members Andrew Hays and Patrick Kamongi at the 2012 EIT Awards Ceremony First place team - UALR Awkward Llamas - Ashley Morris, Keenan Gillispie, and Jesse Hyde at MCPC 2012 UALR teams Awkward Llamas and Mossy Forest Shrew at MCPSC 2012 UALR Team - Awkward Llamas - with Ashley Morris, Keenan Gillsipe, and Jesse Hyde compete in MCPC 2012 UALR Team - Mossy Forest Shrew - with Harry Hull, Thomas Mears, and Brad Jones compete in MCPC 2012 UALR teams compete in Mid-Central region programming competition at UALR Picture of CCSC 2012 Results ACM Members MCPC 2011 ACM Members Programming Team Win 5 Balloons for 5 Correct Problems ACM Members Homecoming 2012 Homecoming 2012 Homecoming 2012 Dr. Bush 1st Place Trophy Honorable Mention 6 Balloons