Arkansas Residency

In order to be considered an Arkansas resident for tuition and fee purposes you need to:

  • If you are a US citizen, you have been an Arkansas resident at least 6 months.
  • If you are a permanent resident, you have had your permanent resident card for at least 6 months and been an Arkansas resident for at least 6 months.

Students who wish to file an appeal for Arkansas residency for tuition and fee purposes must submit the Reclassification for Arkansas Residency for Fee Purposes (online form) form and supporting documentation to the Office of Admissions.  Residency appeals will be processed in the date order they are received.  Residency appeals will NOT be approved retroactively for previous semesters.  Students must file the residency appeal for the current or a future term. Please make a note of the application deadlines on the form.

The deadline for Fall and Spring semesters is the census day (11th day of classes) each term. The deadline for Summer term is the census day (5th day of classes). The student will be notified of appeal decision in writing.

Before completing the residency appeal form, you should review the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Reclassification of Residency

  • What is the definition of “bona fide domicile” for purposes of reclassification?
    A bona fide domicile is a home of an apparently true, fixed and permanent nature. The student must provide evidence of permanent connection with the State of Arkansas and demonstrate the expectation of remaining in the state beyond graduation. Becoming domiciled in Arkansas means that a person has severed all ties to other states and has established such ties with Arkansas.
  • I am a foreign national and am here on a temporary visa. Am I eligible for reclassification?
    No. ALL students on a temporary visa (F1 or H type visas for example) will be classified as an international student and will pay non-resident tuition and fees.
  • I am married to an Arkansas Resident. Am I eligible for reclassification?
    The spouse of a person continuously domiciled in Arkansas (for at least six months immediately prior to the beginning of the term in which the fees are to be paid) upon request shall be classified as “in-state” if sufficient proof is submitted. The exception to this is for international students on a temporary visa.
  • I have lived here for six months. Am I eligible for reclassification?
    The single fact of living in Arkansas for six months or attending the University does not automatically make you eligible for reclassification. You will need to provide documentation that your residence in Arkansas is of a permanent nature for reclassification purposes.