Faculty – Academics and Service

Public service is an important component of the university mission, and UALR attracts faculty who are enthusiastic about reaching out to support the community.

The Office of Community Engagement was formed in 2001 to help faculty and students collaborate with the public through service learning opportunities and projects. Faculty have several options to help provide students with a well-rounded education beyond the classroom:

Service Learning

Academic experience that integrate service into the curriculum also increase civic engagement by students while in college and after. The Office of Community Engagement supports faculty in developing service-learning courses by offering training opportunities on the teaching method and connecting them with national organizations that support service-learning. Learn more…

First Year Experience

Faculty who want to provide guidance for students seeking service opportunities can contact the Office of Community Engagement for a directory of placements.

For more information on Service Learning, contact Betsy Hart at 501-569-3424 or visit the Office of Community Engagement site.

Faculty Excellence in Public Service

UALR has a long history of service to the community, and each year we recognize faculty who have made contributions to society through their service. These individuals have applied the content or skills of their academic disciplines in service to the community, state, or nation in areas of public interest. Learn more…