About UAA

Student Expectations
We expect our students to maximize each appointment:
• Be On Time (Arrive 10 minutes early to ensure preparedness for appointment and in case advisor is ready to begin appointment early.)
• Be Prepared (Know T#, Pin#, and personal schedule to make best decisions about upcoming academic schedule.  Have assessments, research, and previous requests completed for appointment.)
• Be Engaged In Discussion (Remove all distractions such as electronic devices.  Have questions and show prior thought about major considerations to better conclude major declaration and success path.)

Student Experience
Students served by our office can expect to:
• Explore Self, Career, and Major options to declare the best suited major.
• Get Advised based on academic need, degree progress, and intended/major selection.
• Find A Successful Path by discussing policies affecting the college journey; discussing success hindrances and progress towards educational and life goals; and discussing beneficial programs and support services on and off campus.

Our mission is to provide a personalized approach in acclimating students to UA Little Rock, in guiding students through assessment and exploration of self, career, and major towards a declaration of major, and in holistic development of self.   We review core course requirements, plan class schedules, discuss policies that affect students’ college journey, and connect students with beneficial programs and support services on and off campus.  We strive to continuously improve the quality of our services and our collaborative relationships within the University community.

Philosophy and Objectives
Academic Advising is a developmental process, dynamic and interactive, by which students are assisted in the clarification and selection of educational and career plans.  This approach encourages students to develop decision-making skills and assume responsibility for their actions and plans.  In addition to traditionally-aged students, we recognize the UA Little Rock student population consists of a significant amount of adult learners and transfer students.  As such, our expertise enables us to understand and be responsive to the needs of these populations.

For all students, we strive to:
• Guide (Model Professionalism, Inform of Campus Resources, and Facilitate Career Exploration)
• Empower (Support, Encourage, Motivate, and Inspire)
• Teach (Educate about Campus Navigation, Class Registration, and Campus Processes/Policies)

University College was created in 1987 as a part of a university and nation-wide movement to address the needs of incoming and undeclared students. While students with an intended track and/or declared major often had access to advising within their respective departments, the growth of the University system and the degree options that came with it led to an ever-increasing number of students that were “exploratory.” From this need, the faculty members, namely through the Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures, created what is today known as Undergraduate Academic Advising. In 2009-2010, Academic Advising saw an average of 3,200 students each semester. Although e-advising has been formally offered on the UA Little Rock campus since 2000, less than 5% of our students use this option. The overwhelming majority select to visit with us by way of appointments.