Classes I Should Take

Most UA Little Rock bachelor’s degrees (120 hours minimum) consist of the following classes. Consult your Academic Advisor and the Undergraduate Catalog for specific requirements.  

  1. First Year Colloquium Class (1-3 hours, first-time, full-time, freshmen must take)
  2. General Core Classes (35 hours, see Approved UA Little Rock Core Curriculum Courses)
  3. Major Classes (30 hours minimum)
  4. Minor Classes (18 hours minimum, if required)
  5. Language Classes (0-9 hours, if required)
  6. Electives Classes (for total degree required hours)

Identifying UA Little Rock Classes

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Understanding UA Little Rock Degrees
College Preparatory Classes, which may be required due to standardized test scores, are additional mandatory hours to graduate, but do not calculate within GPA.  These classes begin with “0###” and include READ 0321 Academic Literacy, RHET 0310 Composition Fundamentals, MATH 0330 Fundamentals Quantitative Math Reasoning/MATH 0121 Lab, and MATH 0332 Foundation of College Algebra/MATH 0102 Lab.

Students must have 45 upper-level hours and 30 residency hours to graduate

Use the Undergraduate Catalog to find out about UA Little Rock degrees and major requirements.  The catalog outlines all school academic policies, degree options available, degree requirements, course descriptions, the academic calendar, holiday closures, and other information regarding undergraduate programs.

Bachelor’s Degree is an academic degree awarded for an undergraduate major generally lasting for 4-years of full-time study.

An Associate Degree is an academic degree awarded for an undergraduate major generally lasting for 2-years of full-time study.