Getting Ready To Be Advised Assessments

Undeclared Majors and Exploratory Students: To be advised for Spring 2018 classes, complete all 8 steps below!

1) Complete the O-NET My Next Move “Tell us what you like to do” career assessment at  The assessment takes about 7-10 minutes to complete.

2) Click on Next.

3) Complete the Survey.

4) There will be many opportunities to print results.  However, please print, save as a PDF, or do a phone screenshot of the “O-NET Interest Profiler” page.  You will need the “O-NET Interest Profiler” page to enter your results during step 8 below!

5) Complete the True Colours personality assessment at  This assessment takes approximately about 3-5 minutes to complete.

6) Complete the Survey.

7) Keep the results by printing, saving as a pdf, or doing a screenshot from your phone.  You will enter these results during step 8 below!

8) Enter the results of both assessments within the Google Form “Preparing For Advising.”