Associate of Arts in General Studies

Associate of Arts in General Studies (AAGS).  The AAGS degree is a 60-hour program that also requires completion of the UALR Core Curriculum.  Some students wish to obtain the degree for professional advancement within a company, while others may use it as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree. Regardless, the common thread is that the AAGS degree reinforces academic achievement for those who attain it.

AAGS Requirements

To get started:

  1. Schedule a Meeting.  To initiate a review, schedule a time to meet with your advisor.
  2. Meet with an Advisor.  During your meeting in the Office of Academic Advising, your advisor will complete your degree plan, declare your major, have you sign your degree plan, have you complete the AAGS Survey, and, if you are ready, walk you through the graduation request process.  This meting can be conducted in person or via phone.
  3. Make Sure you are on Track to Graduate.  Check in with your advisor later in the semester to make sure you are on track to graduate.
  4. Get Ready to Graduate!  Contact the UALR Bookstore to order your graduation invitations, cap & gown and more.

Note that the deadline to apply for graduation in BOSS is March for the Spring and October for the Fall (specific dates are available at  For questions, contact us at

Specialized Associate Degree Options: