AAGS Assessment

UALR’s mission is to “develop the intellect of students” and “to instill in students a lifelong desire to learn.” The Associate of Arts in General Studies supports this mission by providing students with these competencies through the core curriculum, while also preparing students to move on to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Learning Objectives

  • Complete the UALR Core Curriculum. The purpose of the core curriculum is to establish a foundation for the undergraduate academic experience and to ensure that students develop fundamental skills and a lifelong commitment and ability to learn.
  • Be prepared to continue studies for a bachelor’s degree.


  • Provide students with the UALR Core Curriculum as a base for continuing in school for a bachelor’s degree.
  • Encourage students to consider this degree as progress toward a higher degree.
  • Enable students to feel a sense of personal accomplishment upon receipt of the AAGS degree.
  • Provide students with a means of professional advancement.

The AAGS program consists of a 44 hours of core curriculum and an additional 16 hours of freshman-level courses that can be taken in any area(s) of study.  The core curriculum serves as the foundation for and is a requirement for most UALR bachelor degrees, while the remaining “elective” hours (for a total of 60) may be taken in any area(s) of study chosen by the student and must be at or above the freshman level.

Students are responsible for reading the current UALR Undergraduate Catalog to ensure that all core coursework taken for this degree will satisfy subsequent baccalaureate degree requirements. [AAGS Requirements]

Setting a Standard Since 2003.  Academic Advising administers the AAGS Degree and is dedicated to continually assessing the program to optimize its benefit for the students that it was designed to serve.  Although the UALR Core Curriculum has been the foundation of the AAGS since Fall 2003, it was not until the passage of ACT 182 in 2009, that Arkansas set a University’s core curriculum requirements, as the required foundation courses for the designated transfer degree.

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