About Us

About Us:

University College was created in 1987 as a part of a university and nation-wide movement to address the needs of incoming and undeclared students.  While students with an intended track and/or declared major often had access to advising within their respective departments, the growth of the University system and the degree options that came with it led to an ever-increasing number of students that were “exploratory.”  From this need, the Faculty Members, namely through the Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures, created what is today known as Undergraduate Academic Advising.  In 2009-2010, Academic Advising saw an average of 3200 students each semester.  Although e-Advising has been formally offered on the UALR campus since 2000, less then 5% of our students use this option.  The overwhelming majority select to visit with us by way of appointments.

What We Do. Academic Advising is a dynamic, intentional, and developmental process in which students are assisted in the clarification and selection of their educational, career and personal goals.  By providing students with the appropriate tools and connections, this approach encourages students to develop decision making skills and assume responsibility for their actions and plans.

Our Mission. It is our goal to work with students to facilitate their decision regarding an area of concentration.  We work collaboratively with all departments at UALR, as we recognize that there are many pieces to this puzzle.  We serve as facilitators and as such look to create a cross-campus environment that promotes dialogue regarding possible areas of concentration and provides students with the information and tools to plan out their educational goals.

Furthermore, we recognize that the student population also consists of a significant amount of non-traditional students, many of whom work full-time, if not close to that.  As such, our experience enables us to understand and be responsive to the needs of both traditional and non-traditional.

Expectations of Students. As a result of the Undergraduate Academic Advising processes, students should be able to:

  • Identify major requirements and individual aspirations;
  • Articulate the UALR core curriculum requirements in the context of their intended major;
  • Select courses based upon academic preparedness;
  • Assess and monitor their academic progress;
  • Understand the nature of college learning; and
  • Utilize academic & social support venues that connect the curricular & co-curricular college culture.

Commitment to Collaboration & Excellence. We strive to continuously improve the quality of services to all students and our collaborative relationships within the University community. We believe and practice the tenets of being responsive to ever-changing needs, accessible to those we serve, and motivated by the pursuit of excellence in all we do.