First Year Colloquium

First Year Colloquium courses are designed to help first year students transition into the college.  As of Fall 2011, the First Year Colloquium is a graduation requirement for all entering, first-time, full-time freshman students at UALR.

Course options to fulfill this requirement include the following:

  • First Year Experience (PEAW 1300).  This course is designed to be exciting and to convey the possibilities of your learning experience at UALR and to encourage you to explore the issues that are critical to your success as a UALR student.
  • Inquiry Approaches to Teaching (SCED/IGSC 1101)
  • FYE Visual Arts (ARST 1201)
  • Discovering Business (BSAD 1100)
  • Construction Management & Engineering (CNMG 1101)
  • FYE for Computer Science Majors (CPSC 1105)
  • FYE for Technology/Computers (ECET 1302)
  • FYE for Mechanical Engineering Technology (ETME 1110)
  • History (HIST 1314)
  • FYE for Information Science Majors (IFSC 1105)
  • First Year Experience (Music) (MUAP 1111)
  • Intro to Systems Engineering (SYEN 1210)
  • Intro to Teaching & Learning (TCED 1100)
  • University Science Scholars (BIOL/CHEM/ERSC 1305)
  • Chancellor Leadership Corps (PEAW 1124)
  • Donaghey Scholars (SCHL 1101)

Read about the First Year Experiences of our Fall 2013 Freshmen: Student Essays

Course Objectives.  The six learning objectives forming UALR’s First Year Experience initiative are:

  1. Awareness of the University
  2. Awareness of the learning partnership
  3. Active involvement in the community
  4. Strategic planning for personal development and growth
  5. Sense of academic community and sense of belonging because of an awareness of and how to use:
  6. Preparation for the future

National Recognition.  UALR’s First Year Experience course is recognized as a national model in preparing students to be successful in college and the community.  The course has been recognized by the prestigious Templeton Foundation and is included in The Templeton Guide: Colleges that Encourage Character.