Finding a Major

Typically, students that are unsure of their area of concentration/Major will take courses that are part of the general “Core” curriculum classes to explore areas of interest. ¬†As you take these courses, familiarize yourself with the degree programs that are offered.¬† When selecting a major, don’t be afraid to explore your options with your Academic Advisor.¬† By thinking about this on the front end, you will increase your chances to find a major that is right for you.

Planning Tools to Get Started:

  • Major Degree Programs¬†- A quick checklist of Majors (or Bachelor Programs) at UALR
  • Minor Degree Programs – A quick checklist of Minors at UALR
  • Undergraduate Catalog.¬†This text outlines all school academic policies, degree options available, degree requirements, course descriptions, the academic calendar, holiday closures, and other information regarding UALR undergraduate programs.

A¬†Bachelor‚Äôs Degree¬†is an academic degree awarded for an undergraduate major generally lasting for 4-years of full-time study. ¬†An¬†Associate’s Degree¬†is an academic degree awarded for an¬†undergraduate major generally lasting for 2-years of full-time study.

Your UALR bachelor’s degree requirements will be composed of 4-5 five components:

  1. First Year Colloquium Course (Applicable to first-time, full-time freshmen beginning fall 2011)
  2. Core Classes (44 hrs/14 classes)
  3. Major (30 hrs*/excludes required support classes)
  4. Minor (18 hrs, if required)
  5. 2nd Language (0-9 hrs required for B.A., B.S.W., and B.S.E. majors).
    Options:  American Sign Language, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish
  6. Electives Classes to reach total required hours

The total hours required to graduate:  120-124*
(or ~41 classes) to attain your bachelor’s degree

+Core requirements differ for Nursing and Engineering & Information Technology majors.
*This is a minimum. Your major/minor may require more.
**Number of classes based on assumption that most classes are 3-hour classes.
NOTE: Must have 45 upper level hours to graduate..