UALR Core Curriculum*

Beginning Spring 2015, UALR will adapt a 35-hour core curriculum comprised of two parts, the University Standard Core (21 hours) and the College Core (14 hours). All majors within a college will require both the Standard and College Core. Nursing and EIT majors should check with their department to learn more about the specifics of their degree.

University Standard Core

Communication – Written (6 hrs)

RHET 1311 Composition I
RHET 1312 Composition II


RHET 1320 Honors Composition


Fine Arts (3 hrs)

ARHA 2305 Introduction to Visual Art
MUHL 2305 Introduction to Music
THEA 2305 Introduction to Theatre and Dance
MCOM 2306 Introduction to Motion Pictures


Social Science (6 hrs – complete 2)

GEOG 2312 Introduction to Cultural Geography
GNST 2300 Intoduction to Gender Studies
PSYC 2300 Psychology and the Human Experience
ANTH 2316 Cultural Anthropology
ECON 2301 Survey of Economics
SOCI 2300 Introduction to Sociology
CRJU 2300 Introduction to Criminal Justice
POLS 2301 Introduction to Political Science
ECON 2322 Principles of Microeconomics


U.S. History or Government (3 hrs)

HIST 2311 US History to 1877
HIST 2312 US History since 1877
POLS 1310 American National Government


History of Civilization (3 hrs)
HIST 1311 History of Civilization I
HIST 1312 History of Civilization II


World Humanities (3 hrs)
ENGL 2337 World Literature
PHIL 2320 Ethics and Society
ENGL 2339 Mythology