Payment Info & Financial Aid

We have compiled these questions using input from several different areas across UALR. Although this “FAQ” section does include most frequently asked questions, if your question is not answered here, feel free to call us at (501) 569-3386 or email your Advisor.

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  1. How do I pay for my classes?
  2. Will UALR drop my classes for non-payment?
  3. Can you tell me about my financial aid?
  4. For more information, where can I go?
1.  How do I pay for my classes?

You can pay for your classes online in your BOSS account or via phone through the Bursar at (501) 569-8757.  More information regarding the payment requirements and deadlines are available through the regularly published UALR Pocket Registration Guide.

2.  Will UALR drop my classes for non-payment?

Yes.  In order to hold your classes, you will need to do two things:

    • Pay OR confirm your financial aid.  To reserve your registration, you need to make a 25% down payment or confirm your financial aid package at UALR.  For more information, contact UALR Student Accounts at (501) 569-3450 or
    • Confirm your Registration in BOSS.  To do this, you need to click on a link in BOSS.  There are two deadlines.  One for “Regular Registration,” which is usually 1 week before school starts and one for “Late Registration,” which can be completed 1 week after school starts.  Note:  Confirming your registration does not mean that your schedule is firm; it just means that you have “confirmed” your intent to attend.  After you confirm, you can still adjust your schedule as need be.  For more detailed information, see the Pocket Registration Guide.
3.  Can you tell me about my financial aid?

To preserve your privacy and because everyone’s financial aid package is so unique, only your “Financial Aid Advisor” at UALR can answer specific questions on this topic.  To contact a your Financial Aid Advisor, you can call (501) 569-3035 or email  They are located in Room 208 Administration South if you are on-campus.

If you are taking online courses, know that all of your financial aid information and requirements can be accessed and managed virtually through your BOSS account.  Access to this account should mean that you can use a combination of your email, fax, and postal mail if you are unable to come to campus.

4.  For more information, where can I go?

To discuss your Financial Aid, call (501) 569-3035 or email  To discuss payment arrangments, contact UALR Student Accounts at (501) 569-3450 or