Advising Roundtables

The UALR Advising Roundtable is a forum that was created in March 2011 to encourage information-sharing and dialogue amongst Academic Advisors across campus. Within our department, we have found that this has helped ensure that our Advisors can provide students with current information and contacts about the various and programs that are offered at UALR.

Academic Programs. Weekly sessions are held regarding Academic Programs for the Undergraduate Academic Advising, Transfer Services, and the Liberal Arts Advisor group to help with current and future advising.  If you are interested in presenting, please email or call 569-8685.

Timely Topics.  For departments that are seeking a campus wide audience, we provide the forum and set-up from which this can occur. This past fall, Dr. Roger Webb discussed the problems young adults are having in coming to grips with basic identity issues and how these problems are reflected in a drifty, unfocused, college experience. This Spring, the Roundtables were used to inform and create awareness of the changes that are about to occur in the UALR development math, reading and writing courses. This event was held over a series of days and was attended by over one-hundred participants. If you have a topic that you would like to present at the Advising Roundtables, please email or call 569-8685.