Changing a major or a minor
Banner Course Equivalency

UALR will soon begin a systematic and ongoing update of the Banner Course Equivalency tables. The Office of Records and Registration will lead this effort, and with your assistance, transfer students and advisors will begin to benefit from this process. Students will be able to see how their transfer credit will apply toward their degree program much sooner than in the past. Having course equivalencies updated in Banner will also reduce the number of Individual Degree Adjustments (IDA’s) required in Degree Audit. Beginning soon and continuing into 2013 forward, your department will receive requests to review transfer courses for specific in-state transfer schools to establish course equivalencies. The volume of these requests will be frequent and heavy in the beginning, but will become lighter over time as the BANNER articulation tables are brought up to date.

Training Video

Equivalency Update Deans Council Presentation-Final

Procedure for Updating the Banner Equivalency Tables

New Program for Developmental Courses in Reading, Writing, and Math

Effective Fall 2012, developmental reading, writing, and math will have new course structure. The following documents provide instructions for advising students requiring developmental work into the appropriate classes.

Reading and Writing Advisement

Mathematics Advisement

Pre-Admit BOSS Demonstration Video

The Pre-Admit/Full-Admit functionality in BOSS allows departments that have admission requirements to approve declarations of the major from students who have not met those requirements, while keeping a record in Banner that distinguishes between majors who have met requirements and majors who have not met requirements.

This training video assumes that the user already understands the basic declaration of major/minor process, which remains unchanged, and is familiar with the declaration of major/minor user screen.

Individual Degree Adjustment (IDA) Training

IDA is an online process for requesting adjustments to an individual student’s degree plan. Once requested adjustments are processed by the Office of Records, the degree audit report for the student (the “CAPP report” or “Detailed Evaluation Report”) will reflect the changes. Requests submitted via the online IDA process will also serve as the official record of all degree adjustments for purposes of final graduation check out. The Excel form for requesting degree audit adjustments and the paper Special Exception Form will be eliminated.

This training video covers all aspects of the IDA process and can be viewed in its entirety or in parts. The main menu includes many options:

Full Presentation: the entire video—includes all the features below

  • Definitions: definitions basic to all aspects of the IDA process
  • Undergrad IDA Training: the process as it applies only to students seeking their first baccalaureate
  • Post Bac IDA Training: the process as it applies only to students seeking a second baccalaureate
  • IDA by Type Training: training for a particular type of adjustment (waiver, rearticulation, etc.); after selecting IDA by Type Training, select the type of adjustment on the next menu
  • Undergrad Quiz: a quiz on material covered in the section Undergrad IDA Training
  • Post Bac Quiz: a quiz on material covered in the section Post Bac IDA Training