Washington Alums Celebrate Endowment

A group of UALR alums from the 1990s gathered in the Washington home of former Donaghey Scholar Jeff Dutton recently to celebrate the endowment of the Stonewall Scholarship.

The Washington-area alums raised $4,400 for the scholarship this year, allowing it to reach endowment status and presented the scholarship award of $2,000 to political science major H.L Moody for the spring semester. Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, was a special guest at the party.

Dutton, director of the Office of the Pacific Basin in the  International Trade Administration, Bryan Goodman, director of product communications at the American Chemistry Council, and 1990 grad Adam Essex, who works at the Department of Education in Washington, co-hosted the party.

Dutton and Goodman never knew each other on the UALR campus even though they graduated in the same class. But when when each joined the same running club in Washington and realized their connection, both decided to join forces to support their
alma mater.

In 2004, they established the Stonewall Scholarship, raising about $2,000 a year benefiting UALR students. They have reached out to other UALR alums living and working in the D.C. area as well as their own circle of friends who have never been to Arkansas, not to mention the UALR campus.

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