The Annual Fund is Calling: Stand Up and Be Counted!

Each year student callers visit with thousands of alumni and friends through the Annual Giving Phonathon, which will run from April 14 to May 3.  Individually selected UALR students call UALR alumni and supporters to ask them to make an annual gift though the Fund for UALR.  Callers also verify addresses and names and record gifts from $25 to over $1,000.  

Student callers will call on week nights and weekends from the UALR Alumni Association headquarters at the UALR Bailey Alumni and Friends Center.  Support of the Fund for UALR helps keep the university affordable for students, provides opportunities for learning and discovery, and ensures UALR’s progress as a metropolitan university.  

“Alumni should take time to visit with these talented students – your participation is important as it can lead to support of areas that can’t be funded through state and tuition support alone.” according to Rebecca Ward ’72, President, UALR Alumni Board of Directors.

“Alumni give to UALR because it’s a great place to grow and learn” according to Brett Boister, a junior business major.  He continues, “You can designate your gift to the Fund for UALR or to a specific area.  Wherever, your gift will be used to meet that area’s greatest need.” 

The Annual Fund for UALR was created in 2010 to provide a steady source of support for academic programs and give the university the flexibility to meet emerging needs and challenges. Among the programs supported by the Fund for UALR are UALR Alumni Association student scholarships helping more UALR upperclassmen graduate with fewer financial burdens.

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