Alumni in the News

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    Luke Mattingly (B. A. ’84)
    Luke Mattingly (B. A. ’84) is named president and CEO of CareLink.
  • pamela-culpepper
    Pamela Culpepper (B. A. ’92)
    Pamela Culpepper (B.A. ‘92) is senior vice president, and Chief Global Diversity Officer at Pepsi Co. Inc.
  • DarcyPumphrey
    Darcy Pumphrey (M. A. ’13)
    Darcy Pumphrey (M. A. ’13) has won the 2014 Lucille Westbrook Award for best article manuscript on an aspect of local Arkansas history.
  • Bryant Phelan
    Bryant Phelan (B. A. ’11)
    Bryant Phelan (B. A. ’11) designed a line of handcrafted bags that were featured at New York Fashion Week alongside Arkansas designer Korto Momolu’s…  
  • E_Wood
    Emily Wood (M. A. ’11)
    Emily Wood (M. A. ’11) is the featured artist for the Thea Arts Festival in Argenta on April 26.  (The picture is a self…