Ashley Funderburg '04

Great Grad: Ashley Funderburg ’04

news-funderburgProfessional ballet dancer at the age of 16, world traveler and advocate for anthropology, Ashley Funderburg discovered her love for anthropology while attending a culture class at UALR. She graduated from UALR in 2004 with her BS in sociology and anthropology.

During her years on campus, she was president of the Anthropology Club, helped found the annual Darwin Days celebration, and promoted Partners for Primates an enrichment program at the Little Rock Zoo. During her Senior Year at UALR, Funderburg was selected as a Fulbright Scholar, offering her the experience of traveling to Jordan to conduct archaeological field work.

But Funderburg said her most memorable experience at UALR was the graduating ceremony and the sense of accomplishment she felt as she walked across the stage at commencement.

“I was the first one in my family to graduate from college. Having my friends and family there and walking out into the auditorium full of people cheering, it made me realize just how far I had come in life and how much further I could go.”

Funderburg is now a research assistant for UALR’s Center for Applied Studies in Education (CASE) where she works to ‘improve the quality of education and human services in Arkansas and globally through a number of inter-related activities.”

This fall, Funderburg will begin teaching at UALR as an adjunct professor for cultural anthropology and physical anthropology.

“My professors at UALR encouraged me to continue my education, and it is extremely important to where I am now. Without it, I would not have either of my positions here on campus.” Funderburg also has an M.A. in Anthropology from NAU (Northern Arizona University.

Her advice to current students is: “Get Involved. You connect more with your professors and other students on a different level.” She credits her eagerness to be involved for helping land her current job.