Lasting Impressions of Alumni

Each of us remembers our alma mater for its faculty & staff.  At UALR, faculty & staff members do more on behalf of students: They provide one-on-one research supervision, structure and direct group projects, and adapt their instruction to use the latest tools of technology. They advise students, not only about career options, but about the range of issues that challenge students.

UALR is very fortunate to have such committed and qualified faculty & staff.  Alumni remember and give tribute to some faculty and staff in their own words.

  • Dr. Don Sweet, former director of Ottenheimer Library. I worked under Dr. Sweet for 4 years as an undergraduate and was impressed with his interactions with faculty, staff, and students. Dr. Sweet was insightful, motivating, and knowledgable in many subjects. He was a good friend.
  • Most of my professors are gone now, but UALR sure does a great job of hiring excellent faculty. Dr. Ziegler, Dr. Johnson (math), and the whole sign language department helped mold me into a better student and employee.
  • Dr. Kristin Mann from the History Department she is an amazing teacher and mentor.
  • Yvonne Croston, former associate director for the McNair program. I was always impressed by her dedication to students and helping them to see that goals and more can be achieved
  • Dr. Mary Parker, She has been a wonderful professor and a great person to talk to.
  • Dr. Toran Isom. Was/is an amazing professor. Made me want to write again.
  • Dr. V and Dr. Terry both instructed, mentored and pushed me. That has proven to be invaluable in the 16 years since.
  • Dr. Bevan Keating – Bevan encourages his students to be the best they can be and provides opportunities for students to excel in the field of vocal music.
  • Pattie Hornbeck. She is very encouraging to non-traditional students and is good about letting us know what is out there that we can tap into.
  • I had a wonderful experience as a student in the Speech Communication Department. There were three people in this department that had a special impact on my education here are UALR, Dr. Robert Ulmer, Dr. Avinash Thombre, and Dr. Carol Thompson. These are some of the best instructors on the UALR campus because they really care about students getting an education and their overall well being. I will never forget the positive impact they made in my life.
  • Toran Isom – She is an excellent teacher who helps to bring understanding and cohesion to the separate skills we learn in the college environment.
  • Dr Howard Hodges – Chemistry. He took the time to work with me in his class.
  • Steve Runnebaum was a professor in Speech Communication in 1981 and is responsible for me choosing the major in Speech Communication.
  • Dr. Sally Crisp, in Rhetoric & Writing, is the kind of instructor that motivates & encourages while teaching. Her leadership and example has impacted UALR, the department, my UG experience, & my Graduate studies.
  • Dr. Charles Donaldson, he has always had a smile and a handshake when ever I meet him.
  • Dr. Bob Boury. As a music major I had to take a class for song writing. Dr. Boury made me feel as if I was the next Gershwin after writing my song and performing it on stage. Great teacher!
  • Ms. Ida Umphers was my teacher for Business Calculus, which was a very difficult subject for me. Her use of technology and her patience were key to my success in the class, thus my graduation from UALR.