Alumni Give Back

Amy Rebbick
Angela Thomas ’04
Anthony Black ’08
Autumn Henry ’05
Bennie Prince ’74
Beth Mckitrick-Bandy ’04
Caleb Arnold
Cassie Bradley
Cheri Goforth ’87 ’02
Chris Bondurant ’97
Dewana Phillips ’05
Dr. Robert Hines
Howard Turney ’85
Janea Snyder ’03 ’05
Jason Holland ’08
Jesse Mason
Joan Duffy
Joy Matlock ’96
Khary Dickerson ’99 ’04
Kristi Smith ’95 ’97
Kristin Mann
Lt. Cody Burk ’91
Marjorie Fisher ’05
Mary Waldo
Molly Sullivan ’05
Ophelia Breedlove ’90”96
Sandra Robertson ’95
Sarah Davis ’05
Scott Schuh ’77
Scott Gordon ’77
Sherry Ray ’99
Stephanie Stephens ’05

This year the Alumni Association teamed up with Career Services to join seniors with alumni for a meet and greet to try and give them a leg up before they graduate. We had about 40 students and over 30 alumni involved and the response was outstanding!

Raelee Toy, a broadcast journalism major, “Thank you so much for setting up the meeting with Angela this afternoon. She was wonderful to speak with and offered some great career advice.”

Molly Sullivan, a recent graduate from William H. Bowen School of Law, “As an alumni, participating in the career fair was a very rewarding experience. Not only was it a great opportunity to be able to give back to the university, but it was also great to meet a student who is genuinely interested in going to law school, took the initiative to get the “inside scoop” and is making headway in her pursuit.”