Meet our 2012-2013 Scholarship Recipients

Ben Alexander – Monticello, AR
Monticello High School, Monticello, AR
The E. Grainger and Frances B. Williams Endowed Scholarship Recipient

“There’s so much diversity on this campus. It makes everyone feel welcome and not out of place or uncomfortable.”  Ben Alexander


Lucia Burnside – Hoechstadt, Germany
Gymnasium Hoechstadt an der Aisch  – LaQuinta High School – California as an exchange student
The Alumni Forever/Annual Fund Scholarship Recipient

“UALR is unique because there are so many diverse people attending the university who have the opportunity to be part of outstanding programs that excel compared to others in the state. It’s an institution that promotes lifelong learning while excellence in instruction and professionalism of faculty members is priority. The academic environment is pleasant and one that pushes you further to achieve great things and to eventually reach your full potential according to your abilities.”  Lucia Burnside


Reteisha Byrd – Helena, AR
Central High School, West Helena, AR
The Alumni Book Award Recipient

“What makes UALR unique is the diversity population and the atmosphere that says I’m here for a purpose and I will continue until I have finished what I came to do.”  Reteisha Byrd


Dustin Cooley  –  Bodcaw, AR
Nevada High School, Rosston, AR 
The Trojan Collegiate License Plate Scholarship Recipient

“In  my opinion, UALR is unique because unlike other schools I know of, the professors work just as hard as the students in order to achieve a one-on-one approach to help the students succeed.”   Dustin Cooley


Meagan Corkins – Pine Bluff, AR
Watson Chapel High School, Pine Bluff, AR
The Alumni Forever/Annual Fund Scholarship Recipient

“The students make UALR unique. UALR is a “non-traditional” school that has more students that work and have families. In my opinion, I like having classmates with experience in the “real-world”, they have more stories and tips to give me for when I graduate.”  Meagan Corkins


Audrey Curtis – Mabelvale, AR
Bryant High School, Bryant, AR
The Alumni Forever Scholarship Recipient

“UALR is unique in that it possesses the mature reputation of a university while still maintaining a caring and friendly atmosphere toward students.  The university has embraced organizations on campus that are very rewarding and diverse in themselves; the organizations excel in promoting academic success and student involvement in connecting with the citizens and communities surrounding the university.  The students and faculty of UALR are diverse, complimenting each other in their quest to impart and receive knowledge.”  Andrey Curtis


Anne-Marie Dill – Little Rock, AR
Parkview Arts and Science Magnet, Little Rock, AR
The Trojan Collegiate License Plate Scholarship Recipient

“UALR is a unique school because of the variety of students it supports. From fresh out of high-school graduates, to non-traditionals seeking some new learning, to international students from all over the world, UALR is supportive of each student’s reason for attending. Seeing that many student goals represented is one of my favorite things about being on campus.”  Annie Dill


LaSheena Gordon – Little Rock, AR
Mount Saint Mary’s Academy, Little Rock, AR
The Alumni Forever Scholarship Recipient

“I believe UALR is unique because it provides non-traditional students opportunities that otherwise would not have been afforded them. In my specific case as a Music Education major, I have been taught by professors who have performed with the Metropolitan Opera as well as professors who have studied at world famous Juilliard in New York. I have performed with ensembles directed by Dr. Bevan Keating, a conductor who is from Canada and known nationally which led me to singing with a chorus with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. I have also been advised by our current leader of Music Education who has taught in Arizona and at UCLA. So in my eyes, as a married mother of 6 and a 35-year-old student, I definitely fit in the non-traditional category. Traveling to the East and West coast would not have been easy tasks to say the least. However, at UALR, the East and West coast have been brought to me!  I attribute our centrally located university to my success! Our smaller class sizes and personal one on one lessons afforded to me with the talented professors, as well as the financial help through scholarships and private donors have all directly helped me land contracted positions to teach voice to our youth in Little Rock as well as landing an audition to sing professionally with the Memphis Opera Company.”  LaSheena Gordon


Serena Harris – North Little Rock, AR
North Little Rock High School, North Little Rock, AR
The Alumni Forever Scholarship Recipient

“In my opinion, UALR is unique in that it is an urban campus with a diverse student base, caring professors, a constantly improving infrastructure and technology, and a multitude of online classes. UALR offers accessibility on campus or online and provides an avenue for personal and professional success for all students. The urban setting foments service learning and community partnerships and fosters an easy transition from the university between the university and the surrounding community. It also encourages students, faculty and staff to become involved in the university district and beyond.”  Serena Harris


Jeff Hatton – Sherwood, AR
Sylvan Hills High School, Sherwood, AR
The Alumni Book Award Recipient

“While Fayetteville might be the state’s school, UALR is definitely Little Rock’s school. Little Rock is the central hub of Arkansas and there are tons of students here. Many are unable to travel to go to school because of work or family or some other reason. Having a school like UALR right here in Little Rock is a blessing. I know there are other schools around here that people can go to, but I don’t think any have the legacy that UALR possesses.”  Jeff Hatton


Emily Kearns – Walnut Cove, NC
North Iredell High School, Olin, NC graduate
The Trojan Collegiate License Plate Scholarship Recipient

“What makes UALR unique among all other universities is its strong sense of family.  From the faculty and staff, to the students (nontraditional and traditional) alike, you get the sense that you are a part of a large family.  Strangers are never strangers very long at UALR.  Although we are a large and diverse university, we all seem to share similar dreams of success and achievement.  And the staff and faculty of UALR are our students’ greatest supporters.  They never fail to rise to the occasion, whenever the students need them.  Although, they are nationally recognized scholars, their doors are always open and their commitment to the students is beyond compare. As a university we have stood together in the face of tragedy and rejoiced in triumph at each other’s successes.   I will be forever proud to call myself a member of the UALR family.”  Emily Kearns


Rachel Luebke – Warrensburg, MO
Mills High School & Bigelow High School
The Bailey Family Leadership Scholarship

“I think UALR is particularly unique because of the age variety it offers.  I have had individual classes with students who range in age between 17 and 60. I love to see when students become friends despite age differences–it’s very enriching!”  Rachel Luebke


Ryan Reed – Texarkana, AR
Arkansas High School, Texarkana, AR
The Alumni Book Award Recipient

“I graduated from Texarkana College in 2009 with an Associate degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology. I transferred to UALR in the fall of 2009. I am only four classes away from obtaining my Bachelors in Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology from UALR.  UALR has one of the best EIT programs in the nation. The staff here is knowledgeable and experienced in their related field. The Dean of Students in the EIT program goes over and above to make sure each student is successful. I am proud to be getting my degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.”  Ryan Reed


Kesha Stovall – Forrest City, AR
Forrest City High School, Forrest City, AR
The Alumni Forever Scholarship Recipient

“In my opinion, what makes UALR so great and unique and what separates it from other colleges and universities is the fact that the students here have more resources and opportunities because we are centered in a larger city and also the state’s Capitol city. We do not have to go far to find anything we need!”  Kesha Stovall


Amy Tran – Jackson, TN
Madison Academic Magnet High School, Jackson, TN
The Alumni Forever Scholarship Recipient

“I was born and raised in Jackson, Tennessee. It’s a medium sized town in between Memphis and Nashville.  I attended Madison Academic Magnet High School 9-12.  In my opinion what makes UALR unique is the diversity that it offers to its students and faculty.”  Amy Tran


Mario Wallace Headshot
Mario Wallace – Memphis, TN
Overton High School, Memphis, TN
The Alumni Forever/Annual Fund Scholarship Recipient

“UALR is one of a few universities in America that has an undergraduate and graduate Professional and Technical Writing program. Most universities combine together the Rhetoric and Writing Department with the English Department; thus, the realistic approach to process writing and technical writing is either nonexistent or downplayed, and the study of literature is the focal point.  I came to UALR to learn more about process writing, developing help systems, Hypertext Markup Language (html), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and to study from the best faculty in the nation. There is no other university in this nation that has such advanced Rhetoric and Writing faculty members.”  Mario Wallace