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Sociology and Anthropology

Dr. Kinko Ito

Kinko Ito

Stabler Hall 405
Office: 569.3170

Dr. Kinko Ito received her BA in English and American Studies from Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan, and she received her Master’s and Doctorate in Sociology from Ohio State University. She is a professor of sociology at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Dr. Ito has written two books in Japanese: Yappari Kekkon Shitai (“Desperately Seeking Marriage), a book on marriage and family published by Shufunotomosha in 1997, and Watashino Amerikan Raifu (My American Life), published by Gakuyo Shobo in 2006. Her research interests are manga, Japanese comics, popular culture, and Zen.

Some of Dr. Ito’s most recent publications include “Introduction to China: Not-so-funny a Controversy” with Charles Musgrove (Japan Studies Review forthcoming), “Middle-Aged Japanese Women’s Love Affair with ‘Winter Sonata’”(JSR 2006), “A One Week Retreat at a Zen Monastery in Japan” JSR 2005), “A History of Manga in the Context of Japanese Culture and Society” (Journal of Popular Culture 2005), “Growing Up Japanese Reading Manga” (International Journal of Comic Art 2004), “The Korean Popular Culture in the 21st Century Japan: A New Cultural Hegemony and Change of History” (with Alan Lytle, Tankyu 2004), “Teaching Japanese Culture and Society: A Pedagogical Strategy for American College Students and an Implication for Global Education” (Gurobaru Kyoiku 2004), “Japanese Ladies Comics as Agents of Socialization: The Lessons They Teach” (IJCA 2003,” “The World of Japanese Ladies’ comics: From Romantic Fantasy to Lustful Perversion” (JPC 2002), and “The Manga Culture in Japan” (JSR 2000).

Updated 2.20.2014