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Sociology and Anthropology

Student Fieldwork Award

Mark Hartmann Student Fieldwork in Anthropology Award

The purpose of this award is to provide UALR anthropology majors financial assistance to participate in anthropological fieldwork or field school concurrently with their studies. Expenses covered by this award may include, but are not limited to, tuition and related travel expenses.

Applicants must submit a written proposal of approximately two pages to by April 1 each year. The proposal should include
• time, place, and purpose of the fieldwork *
• role of the project in the student’s educational plans
• a plan for communicating the experience in ways that promote the anthropology program.**

This year we should have at least $1,500 to award.

*Be sure to include relevant information about acceptance into a program and/or permission to do research. If it’s a field school, for example, have you applied? Been accepted? If not, when will you know?
**We require a poster presentation and something we can put on our website. It would also be nice to have photographs we can display and also sell to help raise money for the award. But what else can you do?

Updated 1.31.2014