CSC Intern Student Spotlight

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be introducing you all to the interns working in the Communication Skills Center. The interns have completed a questionnaire designed to give you all a look at their interests and experiences in this department. This will allow you all to have a chance to get to know the interns a little bit better. So please come visit us in the Communication Skill Center! See you soon!

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This week we have Brandon Sollars. Brandon is a Psychology major with a minor in Applied Communication. Brandon’s specialty in the Communication Skill Center is helping clients manage their speaking anxiety by utilizing different techniques such as power poses, preparedness, and breathing techniques. Brandon also feels that he specializes in teaching macrostructure in order to help manage anxiety as well as helping organize thoughts and ideas into an effective speech.

*Why did you want to become an intern?

“I became an intern because I have grown to appreciate the CSC as I have worked through my minor work. The CSC has allowed me a place to work in a safe and supportive learning environment. I also really enjoy teaching/tutoring others, so I felt that this was the perfect opportunity for me to gain some experience as well as getting to help other students navigate through their assignments and speeches.”

*What Speech class has been personally meaningful to you?

“The Advanced Public Speaking class was very meaningful to me. I feel that I gained a lot of relevant experience from this class. I remember thinking the first day that I had made the worst decision by enrolling in this class but, as I progressed I began to develop confidence in my speaking ability and I began to feel more comfortable about getting up in front of a bunch of strangers and talking about my ideas. Another class that was meaningful to me was the Interviewing class. This class taught me a lot about how to both conduct interviews but also be interviewed. I feel after taking this class, I am more prepared to interact with others by being able to talk about myself in a more professional manner.”

*What is an accomplishment you are most proud of?

“I have been tested many times throughout my college experience so I feel that
I am most proud of committing to my education and getting to this point. I only have a few weeks left here at UA-Little Rock. It is bittersweet but, I can say without a doubt that I am ready to get out of here.”

*What is a Communication Theory that is interesting or meaningful to you?

“The Cognitive Dissonance Theory is a theory that is seen in both psychology and communication. This theory originated from Leon Festinger in the 1930s in which it describes the mental clash that occurs from acquiring new information or understanding through the senses. This theory indicates that we desire harmony in our minds thus, we will do what we can to alleviate this mental tension by rationalizing through adding, changing or altering our behavior or cognitions. A common example of this is when people begin smoking cigarettes and then they discover that cigarettes cause cancer, according to this theory that person will either add new behavior such as exercising more to counteract the negative effects of cigarettes, change their behavior by quitting or alter their behavior such as smoking less or schedule when they smoke.”

*What are your future career goals?

“I would really like to get into a career field that will let me combine my knowledge of psychology and applied communication so I was thinking about getting into Training and Development but, I also would really enjoy teaching at a college level.”

*What makes you laugh?

“I have a very dark sense of humor, so I am very much into satirical kinds of humor. Also memes.”



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