General FAQs: Graduate Program

1. What career fields do most of your graduate students enter?

Students enter fields related to internal and external communication, training, public relations, education, organizational development/consulting. Others use the degree to move into leadership and management roles. Students work in array of settings including profit, nonprofit, medical, educational, and multinational.

2. When is the deadline to apply?

The application deadline is April 1 for the Fall and November 15th for the spring of each year.  However, we accept applications until all of our slots are filled with qualified applicants.  

3. When is the deadline to apply for graduate assistantships?

March 15th. A limited number of Graduate Assistantships provide tuition waivers and a stipend.  If you are interested in an assistantship you should make contact with the Graduate Coordinator and arrange for an in person and/or phone interview prior to application.

4. Do you admit students for the Spring semester?

Yes, students wanting to apply for the spring should contact the graduate coordinator apply by Nov. 15th.

You can find online application guides at further application information
Your application is processed on line. You will be directed to send your materials to:
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Graduate School
2801 S. University
Little Rock, AR 72204

The UALR code for transcript submission is 001101.

5.  What is the cost for this degree? What about scholarships?

Follow this link to the tuition and fee estimator based resident or non resident status.  Arkansas residents pay approximately $13,600.00 for 33 hours and non residents approximately $23,650.  This amount does not include books or living expenses. .

Beyond the option to apply for a graduate assistantship US citizens should explore financial aid opportunities. International students can explore scholarship opportunities.

6. Is there an office that helps international students?

Please visit the International Student Services Office online.

7. If my bachelor’s degree is not in Speech Communication, what will be required of me?

If your bachelor’s degree is not in Applied/Speech Communication and/or if you do not have at least 18 hours in approved Applied/Speech Communication courses, you have two options. First, you may elect to take a Summer 4 course that occurs in July each year. Second, you may elect and/or the graduate coordinator may suggest that you take leveling work within our department.

8. Do I need to take the GRE or MAT?

Applied Communication Studies applicants are not required to take an entrance exam. However, the GRE is for students planning to apply to Ph.D. programs after the M.A. or those applying to the Combined program with the UAMS College of Public Health.  Check with UAMS for deadlines since it is only students in the Combined program who are required to take the GRE.

9. How many students are admitted each year?

Approximately 20 students are admitted. We seek to keep the numbers low in order to maximize classroom interaction.

10. How soon will I hear whether or not I was admitted?

Notification of acceptance or denial are provided by the middle of May for Fall and by early December for the Spring. Graduate assistantship positions are decided by mid April.

11.What resources are available to students with disabilities?

UALR strives to provide a usable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable environment free from all discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of disability. Students with disabilities should contact the Disability Resource Center by phone at 501-569-3000 or by email at

12. Who should I contact for more information and/or if I want to visit the campus?

You should contact the faculty graduate coordinator, Dr. Gerald Driskill, via email or at 501-569-3158 to arrange a campus visit.




Our office is located in the Applied/Speech Communication Building. We share the building with the Office of Communications, Human Resources, AIMS, Student Support Services and more. All offices, including the main office, are located on the 2nd floor. Follow the signs to our office in room 237.

Detailed map showing location of department office