Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight

wardThis week our Faculty Spotlight shines on Marian Ward.  Ms. Ward is the Adjunct Instructor for the ACOM/SPCH 1300 course in the Department of Applied Communication here at the University of Arkansas – Little Rock.  We asked Marian Ward some question and here are her responses to those questions.

*What was your favorite class when you were in college? Why?

College was a long, long time ago now, but probably Free Speech. I love learning about the U. S.  Constitution and the value free speech has in a free society.


*Why did you choose to come to UA Little Rock?

One of my undergraduate professors told me about it about a decade before I came. I loved that there was such a focus on communication as an applied discipline. I also loved the fact it was close to a lot of my family.


*What do you like about teaching in the Applied Communication Department at UA Little Rock?

I love seeing students grasp the power of significant choice in their life. Often they come from backgrounds that weren’t the best of circumstances, but realize they have the choice to make it better for themselves through positive communication.


*What tips do you have on how to study or the best methods for staying on top of coursework?

Discover a love for color-coding your Google calendar.


*What is your advice for students taking any one of your courses?

Turn in your work.
*Is there a book that you would recommend Applied Communication students to have in their personal library?
Difficult Conversations


*What would be your words of wisdom for students in our department?

Don’t be afraid to get to know the faculty. I was more intimidated as an undergrad and wished I’d understood the benefit of building a relationship with my teachers for academic success.


*What are your hobbies or what do you like to do in your free time?

I love to play music or go hear live bands. I also really enjoy watching sports; mostly football.


*What is your dream vacation getaway?

Train ride through the Canadian Rockies


*What is something else of interest you would like us to know about you?

I’m proud to say I rode a mechanical bull for more than 8 seconds.


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