Alumni Spotlight

Featured this month an Alumni of the

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communication


Master of Arts in Applied Communication Program.

Our second spotlight is Amanda Pasierb who was a part of the Bachelors of Arts in Speech Communication and the Masters of Art in Applied Communication here at UA-Little Rock.  Amanda is currently working towards her Ph.D. in International and Intercultural Communication at the University of North Dakota Grand Forks, while not attending class she can also be seen teaching her own classes.  After Amanda gets out of class she goes over and spreads out in the Communication Lab to do research and prepare for upcoming classes.  If she had all of the funding in the world then she would she would want to look at “some form of digital communication and positive comm. I don’t think there is nearly enough of that, and I think people have a different A.Pasierb TA piclevel of negativity online due to that distance a screen creates, so to somehow do an experiment where I could see the impacts of negative vs. positive communication I just feel like that could be really beneficial.”

Amanda obviously has a very chaotic and busy day so she does not have much time for hobbies but when she gets back home she enjoys putting on Hamilton (the musical) and doing puzzles to unwind.  She loves looking at the snow and luckily for her she gets a lot of it in North Dakota.  Amanda uses her undergraduate degree every day from “actual theories and concepts I learned, to the way I attack any paper/presentation/project I have (I still live and die by Macro-structure), to the way I teach my classes.” She loved all of her classes but in her MA program the Organizational Communication Training class “shaped me and benefited me the most… there are aspects of the training class in every single class I teach.”  

Amanda advises anyone considering graduate school, “Go for it! The work is more in your hands and it is more challenging, but it is worth it in the end.”  Her experiences while working towards her BA and MA here have shaped her confidence.   While going about in the world she tries to keep in mind the department’s mission statement (Fostering the co-creation of better social worlds through positive communication), which she admits she once took for granted.  Now at a different university, she is truly seeing the importance from a teacher and student perspective.  Amanda uses what she learned at UA-Little Rock daily.  When teaching her classes, which are required, most of the students do not want to be there and it is a challenge to get them to care.  Through the things she learned through the BA and MA program she hopes she can have an impact on their lives in the way her professors impacted hers.  


Written by: Zack Jones