Registration Information

ADE grant funds are still available for current registrants. 

Register online by selecting the “Register Online” link.  Please complete all fields requesting information, including the last 6 digits of your social security number (this is a requirement of ADE for you to receive your 30 hours of professional development). To save your registration, scroll to bottom and select the “SUBMIT” button at the end of the registration form.

Once your registration is submitted and saved, a confirmation notice will be sent to your year-round  email address entered on the registration page.  All correspondence will be through your email account.  If  the email confirmation is not received, the registration failed. Please resubmit.

Each week requires a separate registration.  If you are attending multiple weeks of training, you will need to register more than one time.

Teachers should inform their schools that they will be responsible for payment if there are not sufficient state funds to cover their costs for the Institute. All private and out-of-state schools are responsible for their teachers’ registration fees. 

Most classes offered are for either new or experienced Pre-AP /AP teachers.


A new Pre-AP/AP teacher has never attended an AP Summer Institute in the specific subject area or has been trained but has taught the course for only one year.

An experienced Pre-AP/AP the teacher has attended at least one AP Summer Institute in the specific subject area and has taught the the course for two or more years.