BA in Art / Art History Track

Art History Class

Coordinator: Floyd Martin

Art History Resources

The bachelor of arts in art / art history track is for students especially interested in the history, theory, and criticism of the visual arts. The major will provide a solid foundation for students who wish to pursue the master or Ph.D. programs in art history that are necessary for careers in university teaching, research, and the museum field. For those pursuing other interests, the major in art history, which is decidedly a liberal arts field, encourages development of analytical and critical viewing and writing skills useful in such careers as law, medicine, and business.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad – Inside the necropolis Shah-i-Zinda. Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Students should plan carefully and check the long‐range schedule of course offerings with the art history coordinator if interested in a particular course. ARHA 2310 Survey of the History of Art I and 2311 Survey of the History of Art II are offered fall and spring. ARHA 2312, Survey of Non-Western Art, is usually offered in the fall. Upper‐level courses are normally offered once every two years.

For a complete list of degree requirements for the BA in Art/Art History Track as well as course descriptions, you can view a PDF version of the Undergraduate Catalog at this link.

Note: No grade less than C will be accepted in any art course required within any art major or minor. The undraped human figure is a significant subject within the studio art and art history curriculum.

Senior Paper

Study Abroad

Study Abroad – UALR Art graduate student Rachel Golden and a family from Khiva.

Art history majors in the last semester of their senior year are required to write a senior paper, which will also be given orally. The paper must be approved by the student’s major advisor, academic advisor, and the art history coordinator. The oral presentation may be in the form of a public lecture, presentation to a class, or a paper at a scholarly meeting.

Senior Portfolio

Art history majors are required to prepare a portfolio of their senior paper and three other papers written for classes while at UALR. This portfolio must be approved by the major advisor and art history coordinator. The portfolio will be due one week before the last class day, and will become the property of the Department of Art.

The Senior Paper and Senior Portfolio are prepared while enrolled in the Capstone Art History course, ARHA 4397.

*For specific information on core requirements, see “Core Requirements for Bachelor Degrees” in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Art History Major/Studio Art Minor

Students may choose to major in art history and minor in studio art. Since ARST 1310 Basic Drawing, ARST 1315 Two‐Dimensional Design, and three studio elective credits are included in the art history major, students choosing this program will also complete ARST 2310 Figure Drawing, ARST 2315 Three‐Dimensional Design, and two upper‐level studio art courses. These hours may be in one discipline (e.g. Painting I, II) or selected concentrations (e.g. Painting I, Ceramics I).