Art Education

Coordinator: Jeff Grubbs

The Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Fine Arts, art education track prepares art students to be accomplished teachers with a strong studio and art history background. Students fulfill requirements for Arkansas Licensure in the Art K-8 and Art 7-12 teaching areas, while developing knowledge and skills in studio art, art history, art education, and pedagogy.

In both degree programs, students develop skills as art generalists (BA) or artists with a specific studio emphasis (BFA). Students will be required to pass entrance and certification requirements. During art education and teacher education courses, students visit and engage in a variety of elementary, middle and senior high school art programs to gain hands-on experience.

The art education program partners with the secondary education program in the College of Education. All secondary education students must complete university core requirements, an 18-hour secondary education minor, and a major in a content area such as art. Programs in which a Bachelor of Arts degree is awarded require a second language proficiency.